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#TwoChicksInACar Translating "Work" By Rihanna

Did she pop an Ambien when she recorded this song?

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Rihanna recently released her 479th single "Work" featuring Degrassi alum Drake. While I admit the tune is catchy, I'm struggling to comprehend at least 75% of the words. A part of me feels that the ridiculously successful RiRi is messing with us, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I recruited my partner-in-crime, and occasional beard, Ami Trowell to help me decipher what sounds like me after two Miller Lite's. My apologies for my appearance in the video, showering should have been option prior to recording. Also, my sunglasses make me look like Anne Sullivan from "The Miracle Worker".

Who wore it better?

Let the translating commence...

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Nailed it!

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