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97 Things To Do On Black Friday Instead Of Shopping

Don't get caught up in the hype: do these instead and stay away from the crazed masses.

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14. Eat the remaining cranberry sauce

(that is, if there's any left after Thanksgiving!)

18. Take a multivitamin

(c'mon, when was the last time you took one regularly?)

30. Brainstorm some ideas for that book you’ve always wanted to write

42. Work on something you started in the past but haven’t completed yet

45. Hey, go out and makes some new friends. Why not? The more friends, the merrier.

47. Take a screenshot when your favorite celebrity responds back

49. Take a trip back to the 90s by watching some old Hey Arnold episodes

51. Take a trip back to the 70s by listening to some Led Zeppelin or Paul McCartney & Wings

52. Don’t take a trip back to the 60s because things were pretty tumultuous and things are pretty good in 2014

54. Get into an argument with someone about if it’s “peak my interest” or “pique my interest”

56. Don’t put up a Christmas tree just yet: c’mon, it’s only November 28.

59. If you don’t know how to play Euchre, learn how to play it. Then join a tournament.

68. Gawk at how expensive plane tickets are and watch Into The Wild instead

73. Ask your friends dumb questions

(Would you rather change genders every time you sneezed, or have your hands sweat mayonnaise forever?)

75. Write a rap song with your friend after you learn some sick beats to beatbox

85. Clean. Your. Room.

(this is the last time I'll tell you...)

88. Ask someone why puce happens to be multiple colors instead of just one

89. Don’t give into those latest Black Friday deals flooding your email

93. Make a dessert and just eat it all, no need to share. You do you.

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