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11 Tips To Survive Indiana Winters

After years and years of dealing with Indiana winters, I've got a number of phenomenal tips to keep you safe this winter.

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1. If you're gonna be late to work, scrape your car window just enough to see barely out the front.

Or, if you're really desperate and already super late for work, just open up the window and stick your head out the side. You'll be just fine.

3. With all of the snow coming through, there's gonna be some trouble starting your car. Sled to work in a canoe instead!

Extra points if you happen to drop your kids off at school AND take your dogs to the vet in the same quick slide down the hill!

5. Also, it's time to catch up on your Inuit survival tactics. After being snowed in for three days, going out and hunting arctic animals in the blizzard doesn't sound that bad

6. Use the tennis racquets you bought last summer when you wanted to impress that guy/girl and use them as snowshoes

Ten points if you tape them up with electrical tape and wear sandals like in this picture.

7. If there happens to be a huge snowstorm coming, run over to the store and buy as much food as possible. Make sure to look extremely panicked and try to destroy anything that happens to be in your path.

9. Become obsessed with local, warm food while keeping the past few winter months from being so bad..

Some say that local soup and sandwich joints have saved their life. Others say that they'll survive after seeing their friends at the restaurant.

10. If you're the kind of person who sings Christmas carols until February (weirdo), you must stop by Santa's vacation home in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Rumor has it that the name of the town is the cause of the postmaster's prank back in the day. Worth it.

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