Follow the adventures of COLE the Black cat!
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  • Little Cats Helping BIG Cats! #TreatTheirWildSide

    Domestic cats are essentially mini tigers, Cole and Marmalade are both under 15lbs but at times they sure have the catitude of a 500lb tiger! … Now you can #TreatTheirWildSide with the new line of all-natural cat treats from H3 Essentials that are helping to raise awareness for Big Cat Rescue and their mission :) PURRCHASE HERE: For International orders contact us at: The treats are 100% US made, grain-free, all-natural, good for kitty dental hygiene and I’m very proud to be a part of this campaign… I worked as the videographer at Big Cat Rescue for 7 years and the sanctuary is doing grrreat work to help big cats around the world, learn more here: Thanks fur your support everyone!

  • 10 Funny Examples Of CAT LOGIC

    What goes on inside kitty brains? … Cole and Marmalade are back with more examples of cat logic! Let us know if you’ve had similar experiences with your cat or any different examples you liked to share with us, so we can continue to understand the cat… or not! :)

  • Kitty Therapy

    Cats really are the best medicine! … Tired, depressed, suffer from anxiety? Just ADOPT a cat OR visit The Cat House on the Kings and you’ll feel better in no time :)

  • Cat People Will Understand…

    You know you’re owned by a cat when… You receive 5am wake up calls for breakfast, use the kitchen sink to brush you’re teeth, vacuum when the cats aren’t sleeping, pick up your cat so he can kill a spider, clean the living room - then mess it up again, suffer from kitty paralysis even when you’re desperate to pee and always have “help” when you’re trying to fold the laundry! Learn new ways to love… Adopt a cat! :)

  • GoPro: 24-Hr Kitten Nursery

    Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, flooding animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation with homeless litters… San Diego Humane Society’s Kitten Nursery cares for thousands of orphaned kittens every year. These neonatal kittens require 24-hour care that is unavailable anywhere else and before their kitten nursery program was established in 2008, kittens this young would be euthanized because of a lack of resources required to care for them. Purrlease be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your fur babies and of course if you’re looking to add an additional family member, ADOPT don’t shop! :) San Diego Humane Society:

  • Purranormal Cativity

    What happens when cat owners sleep? … Do you hear things go bump in the night, see strange glowing eyes in the darkness, hear high pitched meow like screams? If so you’re probably owned by a cat! :)

  • A Cat’s Guide To Boxes

    If I fits, I sits… Everyone knows that cats love boxes! … Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to these feline favorites. I’m convinced that pet stores should dedicate an aisle or two to selling boxes :)

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