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One Of The New Male MPs Has A Ponytail And It's Gorgeous

(and Other Important Things You Might Have Missed About The General Election)

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Also, did you see that Charlie Brooker's sister-in-law got elected?

Congratulations to my sister-in-law @RupaHuq, who has a new job today.

Great to be joined in Ealing this afternoon for #labourdoorstep by Steve Coogan @Tom_Watson and kid sis Konnie

Things I know about her:

1. She is Konnie Huq's sister (I have deduced this using journalism)

2. She was (because it says it on her Twitter profile) a "University Lecturer, author, cyclist, and mum" before becoming an MP.

There might be more things I could tell you about her but that would require research.

Also, some of the new MPs have powerful connections abroad / Via

Tulip Siddiq, who won the Hampstead & Kilburn seat for Labour, is the niece of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Tulip is on the far left next to her aunt, the Prime Minister.

Tulip Siddiq is 32 years old and posts photos of herself with her eyes closed

Tulips because she's voting Tulip! Love it! #picktulip

(While on the topic of Tulip's tweets, she'll need to sort this kind of thing out)

We're fighting for @UKLabour to save our NHS from Tory privatisation - join us? #picktulip

Rogue photo orientation

Okay I'll be honest, I'm running out of things here. All I had when I started was the ponytail. I thought more other interesting, under-reported things would turn up while I wrote this up.

How about this - did you see that the first ethnic Chinese MP has been elected?

Conservative Party / Via

Alan Mak, who's got Chinese-Malaysian heritage, is the new Conservative MP for Havant (David Willett's old seat). This is rare in British politics: an ethnic Chinese Northern Ireland Assembly member, (Anna Lo) was elected in 2007 (but has stood down partly due to racist abuse); and Nat Wei is a peer in the House of Lords, but there's never been an MP. So that's interesting.

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