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The General Election Result In Maps. Lots Of Maps.

I love maps and I love politics so when these things come together I get ridiculously excited.

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Though some were sceptical of mapfandom...

The only way the UK map looks like Maggie Simpson is if she was shot a few times then run over by a steamroller.

This person was so excited by maps he stitched the results LIVE

Not my best stitching, but my fastest... Now to take it outside and BURN IT!#UK2015GeneralElectionResultsLiveStitch

(And yes I thought it was a woman doing the stitching when I first wrote this which is obviously sexist AND STUPID because his name is just there!)

And these people aimed to get a tweet from every constituency and stick it on a exciting giant map

Here lies the rubble of #electionnightchallenge. With 350-odd constituencies, I think we've done better than Labour.

I don't know why they did it but who cares, it's fabulous #electionnightchallenge

The other exciting election map is the one where each constituency is the same size

Telegraph / Via

Because a lot of Labour support is in urban areas in London and the North, it doesn't turn up on a geographical map so sometimes this map is used.

The BBC used this style of map outside their London headquarters

BBC election map has now changed into Spider-Man getting a custard pie in the face #GE2015

The Guardian made a similar kind of map but slightly different

Guardian / Via

I'm not sure why it looks like this but I don't really want to ask because the reasons are probably very smart and impossible to understand.

The BBC love maps so much they've even done one for turnout but they used a horrible green colour

BBC / Via

With so many parties, each needing a different colour, there were only a few options left I suppose.

Someone made a map showing the gender breakdown of the new MPs using the colours pink and blue

DODS / Via

The Guardian tells me that women "now make up 29% of the new intake, up from 22% in 2010 – thanks largely to Labour, whose new MPs make up 43% of Labour’s share, helped too by the SNP intake, of whom more than a third (36%) are women."

Someone drew a map to show how Labour support coincides with the areas where there used to be coal mining

Do I get a prize for this? Distribution of Labour seats compared to England and Wales coalfields.

I love maps so much I got the Free Speech team involved for election night and it was a wild, wild success

The election colouring-in map is here! #GE2015

People retweeted this piece of social media genius 18 times!

First result for the @BBCFreeSpeech live election graphics system. 349 to go.

Favourite constituency names we've come across whilst map colouring: 1. Brigg & Goole 2. South Holland & The Deepings 3. Gordon #TheVote

Latest election situation on the Free Speech interactive graphic display

Should've bought a pot of blue paint and a roller. #GE2015

Though eventually we ran out of awakeness and gave up

At some point around 5am in a sleep deprived haze we fell behind on this project

If you spot any other politics maps please do let me know because they are very exciting

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