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    22 Things Only Yogis Will Understand


    1. People have said you're emotionally attached to your mat.

    Warner Bros. Television / Via

    But it's kinda true. Your mat loves you for you.

    2. An inspirational instructor is better than any medicine/therapist/nap.

    Yoga is probably the best addiction in the world and the suppliers are trained professionals and it's GOOD FOR YOU.

    3. You turn down plans because they conflict with your yoga class time.

    HBO / Via

    They'll never understand your reasoning.

    4. You hate when someone disses yoga pants.

    But you actually need them! Ughhh people.

    5. You're used to wearing minimal clothing.

    No matter the weather, occasion, or presence of other people, the bare minimum is the answer.

    6. You feel very off when you miss a few classes.

    How is your body even functioning?

    7. When there's a new person in class and all they do is make weird faces:

    CBS / Via

    You remember when that was you but you didn't know how distracting it actually was!

    8. You notice your friends aren't that zen.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    So you start to recruit.

    CBS / Via

    And for some odd reason, they aren't in love with it at first (if ever)...

    9. If someone asks you to move your mat when half the room is empty...

    FremantleMedia / Via

    Inner peace. Inner peace. Inner peace.

    10. How you feel after doing the standing series without falling over for the first time:

    CBS / Via

    You = superhero

    11. What you think happens when you do the Lion's Breath:

    HBO / Via

    Also, what did I eat for lunch???

    12. When you reach a long downward dog after a few too many Chaturangas:

    ...and siiiiiiiiiigh.

    13. When someone makes eye contact with you in the mirror and you lose your balance:

    HBO / Via

    Why'd we do that?!?!

    14. The first time you tried a headstand, it was like...

    But what about gravity??

    15. When you're in deep meditation at the end of a session and your neighbor is packing his/her mat up really loudly:

    The CW / Via

    It suddenly sounds like an elephant arose from the dead.

    16. You don't understand when someone says they don't like water.

    The CW / Via

    And the only thing that makes you smile more than water is when the word "coconut" is in front of it.

    17. This looks like something worth saving up for.

    It's a retreat! It's a warm weather climate! It's yoga! I don't understand what some people aren't seeing in this photo.

    18. Having to switch yoga studios for any reason is your living nightmare.

    Disney / Via

    Yoga at home, alone in the dark, and with a candle burning is just not the same as class yoga.

    19. Free hand towels!!!!

    20. You're sad when they don't do your favorite yoga pose in class that day.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    21. When you finally get to lie down on your mat:

    I survived another class!

    22. The feeling of serenity mixed with energy at the end is EVERYTHING.

    And it's UNANIMOUS.

    A&E / Via

    Namaste, you happy/relaxed/energized people.

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