17 Things That Happen The Day After You Hook Up With Someone

Lost morals? More like lost underwear.

1. It feels like you’ve never been in a brighter room.

Fox / Via reddit.com

2. You text your friends immediately about brunch.

Miramax / Via giphy.com

Priorities need to be dealt with.

3. You try to get dressed quickly.

AMC / Via guyism.com

And nothing about it is quiet or graceful.

4. Which means you inevitably leave something behind.

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And when you realize it, you’re like, “Can I live without it? …….YES.”

5. Leaving the hookup’s room feels like Judgment Day.

Roommates are THE WORST and they have judgy eyes.

6. There’s an awkward goodbye.

NBC / Via crushable.com

No way around it. Just embrace the awkward.

7. Your friends are extremely proud.

Warner Bros. / Via isabelmonca.tumblr.com

Wait, you guys doubted my cool charm that much?!!?

8. Then they analyze how it happened.

9. They want ALL the details.

Every last one of them. Where you think you lost your socks? They want that info too.

10. At least one friend disapproves.

11. Someone asks if you wish you hadn’t done it.

Hollywood Records / Via teen.com

12. A friend suggests you go on a date with that person.

E! / Via teen.com

Eghhhh, can you imagine?

13. You need to shower.

Disney / Via mrwgifs.com

Preferably sooner rather than later.

14. A nap must happen.

Your body is TIRED.

15. You actually consider texting that person.

And then think better of it. Or just fall asleep again. Either/or.

16. Some truths are realized as you reflect on your late night and early morning.

Films Georges de Beauregard / Via kisikillillake.tumblr.com

The morning light might’ve helped out with this one.

17. And finally, you are reminded of why you love your freedom.

You enjoy it that way (for the time being).

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