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    12 Reasons You Can't Wait To Watch Hocus Pocus This Halloween

    Even though you've been watching it all year round. ;)

    This Dead Pan

    You yell "Boo00000k" when you're lost in malls.

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    You still don't know if the cat's name is "Thackery" or "Zackery".

    Bette Midler Punches SJP in the gut. Everywhere Gays are crying.

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    Thora Birch says "Yabbos".

    Winifred Sanderson teaches you French.

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    Penny Marshall to Gary Marshall: "Honey, I lost 5 pounds goin' to the bathroom!"

    SJP eats a spider

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    Bette Midler turns to stone... as she farts, apparently.

    The Sanderson Sisters do the Monkey Walk

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    Billy was kind of hot? In that Tim Burton meets Stockard Channing sort of way.

    And, of course, THIS happens.

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