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    10 Cool Products That Show British Business Is GREAT

    UK businesses produce some of the most cutting-edge, innovative, and downright tasty products anywhere on the globe. Established in 2010, the Regional Growth Fund is helping close to 10,000 companies. Join in the conversation, and tell us how your business is contributing to growth, using hashtag #BusinessIsGREAT

    1. Formula 1 racing cars

    2. Great textiles

    3. Fizzy sweets

    4. Designer handbags

    5. Delicious drinks

    6. Vans

    7. Luxury mattresses

    8. High-performance cars

    9. Space imaging sensors

    10. Iconic vehicles

    These are just some of the many products which show why UK businesses are top of the world. Telll us about the products you're making by using hashtag #BusinessIsGREAT online. Or for more information about how to start, or grow, a business, visit the GREAT Business website.