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    10 Cool Products That Show British Business Is GREAT

    UK businesses produce some of the most cutting-edge, innovative, and downright tasty products anywhere on the globe. Established in 2010, the Regional Growth Fund is helping close to 10,000 companies. Join in the conversation, and tell us how your business is contributing to growth, using hashtag #BusinessIsGREAT

    1. Formula 1 racing cars

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    Using state of the art simulation and analysis software Romax Technology, based in Nottingham, help to design better gears to combat the extreme demands that Formula 1 racing cars endure. The East Midlands company were awarded £1,200,000 from Round 3 of the Regional Growth Fund to develop new software which will be used across the automotive, aerospace, rail, off-highway and energy sectors.

    2. Great textiles

    Luxury online fashion retailer Mr Porter have been keen to showcase British heritage. And they do just that by stocking Manchester brand Private White V.C. which produce a range of handmade garments including coats and jackets. The Mancunian company had Regional Growth Fund backing through the first ever textile grant growth programme.

    3. Fizzy sweets

    Via Flickr: heleninwales

    The UK manufacturer of Haribo was awarded an RGF grant to build a new manufacturing plant in Castleford, near Wakefield. The funding will help sustain economic growth in the region, and create 286 jobs.

    4. Designer handbags

    The designer brand Mulberry, much beloved by celebrities, got a £2.5million boost from the Regional Growth Fund. This allowed it to open a second factory in The Willows, in Bridgewater, Somerset, doubling its capacity.

    5. Delicious drinks

    Thirst-quenching cordial makers Belvoir Fruit Farms are mixing up a success story at their Bottesford factory in Leicestershire. The firm, who only use natural ingredients, had a £400,000 boost from the Regional Growth Fund, which went towards their £3million new factory in the village.

    6. Vans

    Dave Conner / Via

    Even if you haven't realised it, you've probably seen a Vauxhall Vivaro van recently - they are used by everyone from the Police to the ambulance service. And you’ll soon be seeing the next generation of the vans, thanks to a £5.3 million Regional Growth Fund grant which helped Vauxhall upgrade and re-equip its existing facilities in the East of England.

    7. Luxury mattresses

    Leeds-based luxury bed manufacturer Harrison Spinks received a Regional Growth Fund award to help stimulate innovation and expand. The family-run bed-maker specialises in pocket sprung technology, designed to make sleeping easy.

    8. High-performance cars

    Infiniti has long been linked to luxury, and now some of that luxury is coming to the UK. A £9.5million grant from the Regional Growth Fund means its new premium compact car will go into production in Sunderland later this year.

    9. Space imaging sensors

    ESA/ATG medialab / Via

    The Rosetta Comet mission was boosted by Regional Growth Fund money - £3.75million investment in e2v Technologies, a world leading silicon imaging business in Chelmsford. The firm provided the famous space mission with five imaging sensors to capture high-resolution images and provide science data from the comet's nucleus.

    10. Iconic vehicles

    Another auto success story driven by Regional Growth Fund money. Mini maker BMW was awarded £500,000 to invest in training and qualifications for its production workforce in Oxford, significantly enhancing skill levels and capabilities.

    These are just some of the many products which show why UK businesses are top of the world. Telll us about the products you're making by using hashtag #BusinessIsGREAT online. Or for more information about how to start, or grow, a business, visit the GREAT Business website.