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    Things To Consider Before Buying Or Adopting A Pet Rabbit

    Many rabbits purchased as Easter gifts DIE before their first birthdays. Most of the remaining will be dumped into the woods or given up to shelters. This is extremely depressing considering that well cared for rabbits can live long past Easter (10-12 years to be exact)! Join the national #NotJust4Easter campaign at!blank/sp0ov” target=”_blank”>.

    1. Rabbits are NOT good pets for children

    2. Bunnies chew EVERYTHING

    3. Know if your bunny is a boy or girl and then SPAY AND NEUTER

    4. Most Of The Time, You Will Need to Have Two.

    5. A hutch is NOT and will NEVER be enough

    6. The rabbit cages they sell in stores are never big enough!

    7. Bunnies Do Not Only Eat Carrots

    8. You will need to look at poop more than you ever have

    9. Rabbits are VERY Fragile in Every Way

    10. Not Every Vet Is Qualified to Care for Rabbits

    11. People will constantly make rabbit stew jokes when they find out you have a house rabbit

    12. Bunnies Are Very Picky On How They Want To Be Handled


    Spread the Word... Rabbits are #NotJust4Easter