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20 Things All People Who Have Pet Rabbits Know To Be True

In memory of Senora Floppers and Fuzzy Lumpkins.

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1. You're more obsessed with what your rabbit's feces looks like than how you look before you leave the house. / Via

Rabbits poop about 300 pellets a day! 300! The way it looks tells you how your rabbit is doing health-wise. Bunny parents are super obsessed with it. Every time you think the slightest thing can be wrong with your bunny, checking the poop is the number one go to!

2. Hay takes over your home.

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Over 80% of a rabbit's diet consists of grass hays, such as Timothy, Meadow, Oat and Orchard Grass. I don't care how clean you keep your house. You will find hay in your shoes, your washing machine, your bra, in your car.... it's endless. This stuff is EVERYWHERE! Good luck if you have allergies!

4. Video Contest Submissions are Crucial!

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Senora Floppers- Shake it if You Got It / Via

You love your rabbit but not everyone has seen her. Video and photo contests are perfect for this! Super fun to share your love for your bun!

5. Bugs Bunny is full of shit.

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Sure, rabbits like carrots but it's bananas that they love! These critters go nuts for these things! Just remember that fruits are treats! Give only a very small amount a day!

7. Cord covers are your best friend.

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Let's face it, rabbits will chew anything. Covering your cords does not only protect your electronics but also will keep your angel from electric shock!

8. Without planning, most of us become animal rights activists.

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Rabbits are such gentle and beautiful animals that you start to learn from them. A lot of people end up going vegan because of their pet rabbits, myself included. These little angels are an inspiration.

9. Which means that weekends are reserved for Petsmart Adoption Days with your local rabbit rescue!

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A lot of people do not realize that there is such a thing as a rabbit rescue but there is! Rabbits are the third most often dumped animal in the US and the UK. Where do you think all of the unwanted Easter Bunnies are ending up? Gainesville Rabbit Rescue in Florida currently has over 100 rabbits in rescue. That's just one rescue. Please adopt and spay/neuter your animals.

10. We do not want to hear about your love for rabbit stew

Whole Foods decision to sell rabbit meat brings out protesters / Via

Nope. It's not funny to us. Not at all. We don't joke or talk about cooking your dog or cat. Please respect us and our family members. #thanksnothanks

Also, if we tell you that we have pet rabbits, we don't want to hear about what horrific way the rabbit you had "once" died.

13. Your biggest fear is your rabbit falling ill

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Though their life expectancy is 10-12 years for altered rabbits, they are extremely fragile animals. Not knowing how to fix them when they are sick is the worst feeling in the world.

14. If your rabbit develops special needs, you become a much stronger person than you ever thought possible.

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Head-Tilt. Paralyzed. Blind. Amputated Limbs. These are all awful things that can happen to your angel. No matter how much research you have done, you are never fully ready to tackle this. It's HARD, but if you care for them right, it is not a death sentence. RESEARCH.

16. Everyone will send you the same rabbit highlights all at the same time!

Japan Rabbit Island Might be the Cutest Place on Earth / Via

We know about Rabbit Island. We do. We appreciate you thinking of us but when this kind of thing is shared at least 8 different times it just becomes a little hilarious.

17. Nothing is more adorable and gratifying than a sleeping bunny.

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This kind of sleep, called a "bunny flop", is actually pretty rare. Because rabbits are prey animals, they sleep with their eyes open most of the time as a defense. When they fall asleep in the bunny flop position, you know that your rabbit fully loves and trusts you.

18. No matter how much you want two rabbits to bond, if they don't want, it's not happening

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Bonding rabbits is tough. The best bet you have is getting both altered and letting your first pick out their new friend at the shelter. I tried to bond two rabbits for over a year and it never happened. It's not fun to break up fights constantly.

20. No love is the same as the love you share with your rabbit.

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This creature that you adopted as a fun companion becomes one of, if not the most important thing to you. Their care exceeds all other responsibilities.

Love Bunnies? Join the #NotJust4Easter Campaign

#NotJust4Easter Campaign / Via!blank/sp0ov

95% of rabbits bought as Easter gifts die before their first birthdays and a lot more end up horribly sick, pregnant and/or dumped at a rabbit rescue. Make a difference. Join the #NotJust4Easter initiative.

For more information, visit:!blank/sp0ov

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