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28 Reasons You Should Be Watching This Man's Videos Right Now

Klarity is fantastic. Get into his Vines.

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1. Have you heard of Klarity? He's hilarious.

Look at him dash that cash in their faces!

2. He does great videos with other Vine superstars, like King Bach.

3. I mean, this is accurate AF.

4. He plays with the ridiculousness of racism in really fun ways, like in his face swap video.

5. Or this one about the unexplained nod black men often give one another.

6. He's really funny at girl/guy stuff too.

7. 😂😂😂

8. Isn't this Vine just perfect?

9. No bae? He's got you covered too.

10. Here he does a gender role reversal video that's funny and accurate and perfect.

11. And he even manages to poke fun at the incredibly depressing issue of racism and policing.

12. OMG.

13. Here's his "Officer Bobby Johnson" character.

14. Officer Johnson takes no shit.

15. He pokes fun at popular culture really well, too.

16. And creates inventive and hilarious multi-scene videos.

17. And he's super adept at subverting expectations – in really silly ways.

18. This video has a great tennis joke, for example.

19. And this one's just plain silly.

20. His face displays delight so well!

21. And his drive-thru technique is pretty special.


23. Best of all, he just posts really funny, relatable videos.

24. #TooReal

25. Literally me after that iPhone update.

26. Who among us hasn't done this once or twice?

27. He's just having fun with his friends.

28. A lot of fun, even when he's crying.

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