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    These Women Had The Best Responses To The ~Sexy~ Photo Double Standard

    Have some self-respect, my king.

    On Thursday night LA rapper The Game posted a photo of himself, scantily clad in just his form-fitting blue underwear, to his Instagram account. It was, in simple terms, a thirst trap.

    Like, the thirstiest. 💦💦💦

    Naturally, people had a lot of thoughts about the photograph.

    It's a shame The Game thinks he needs to flaunt his body to get attention. Doesn't he know he's a descendant of kings? 🌚

    And had some fun flipping the script on how people (mostly men!) often respond when women post this kind of ~sexy~ photo online.

    They asked, is this a good example for boys?

    What will your children say? Shorts so tight three generations suffocated in those pants. No my King. You're better than this. Look up.

    Others were concerned about his prospects for a respectable partner.

    Gentlemen, no one is tryna control u but there's a diff between a ho and a husband. LEARN IT! #selfrespect

    Won't someone think of the kids, for crying out loud?

    Like he is someone's father! How disgraceful. Real men don't act like this

    Or even a hypothetical wife?

    The bible says that our body is a temple but look at this man showing off things meant for his wife.

    Do you want to be single and lonely for the rest of your life, The Game?

    The Game needs to get some damn clothes so he doesn't end up a single, lonely hoe for the rest of his life.

    Seriously, The Game. Have some self-respect!

    Wish our Black brothers would start respecting themselves more. You're enough, Black King. You don't need to do this

    If only he'd keep his clothes on. Everyone knows modesty helps record sales.

    Why can't The Game be like J Cole and have a platinum selling album with his clothes on?

    Seriously. You don't have to do this to be successful.

    There were rappers who managed to change the 'game' with their clothes on . Males, take note.👆🏽

    Some people had other concerns. Like: What are his academic qualifications?

    Dick prints are all well and good – but let me see that master's degree!

    What would a true king do?


    Answer: He'd clothe that dick.

    You want Option A or Option B, ladies?

    Ladies A: degree, Job wealthy no kids. B: 3 kids. Hoe. Can't cook.


    A man's place is in an office, working for his family.

    Are you building dreams? Or giving them away for free on Instagram?

    Love yourself, brother.

    The game must believe in himself and his music, he doesn't need to reduce himself to this hoetry

    The Game needs to have a word with himself, to be honest.

    When that dick shrinks with old age, what will The Game and his hoeing ass have to offer?? Education is key, kings.

    TL;DR – u ok hun?

    What woman hurt you that you have to spend your time trying to get likes for whats in your pants? What's in your heart my black brother?


    Someone taking "thirsty" selfies should be able to do so without their parenting skills or self-respect being questioned. THIS IS THE POINT.

    Or you might just become a teachable moment.

    Game just wanted to just casually thirst trap and got roped into an exercise in challenging patriarchy I love it tho.