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25 Life Lessons "Baywatch" Taught Us

Baywatch didn't become the most-watched show in the world without teaching us a thing or two about life along the way.

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8. Posing for "Playboy" may hurt your reputation at work.


In "Buried," Donna faces disciplinary action when she poses in (and out) of her red bathing suit for "Playboy." Fortunately, Donna learned the hard way so that we didn't have to. Note: the episode used Donna D'Errico's real-life "Playboy" cover, in a rare instance of art imitating life imitating smut.

11. The Santa Ana winds make people horny.


Remember in "Red Wind," when the winds blow a tarot card onto C.J.'s breasts, and those hippies make her their leader? And then that swimmer takes off her top, and that old couple start having sex on the beach? Take notes, "Downton Abbey."

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