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21 Signs Your Cat Thinks It's A Human

Ha! It thinks it's people!

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1. Your cat thinks he can play the piano.

Disney Animations / Via

2. Your cat likes to sleep in your bed.

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3. Your cat likes to climb on top of your electronic devices, as if he knows how to use them.

Cartoon Network / Via

4. Your cat likes to try people food.

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5. Your cat has developed a way of expressing her opinions.

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6. Your cat likes to eat with you at the table.

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7. Your cat walks around like she owns the place.

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8. Your cat has a serious drinking problem.

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9. Your cat gets really depressed around the holidays.

NIckelodeon / Via

10. Your cat "isn't himself" until he's had his first cigarette and a cup of coffee in the morning.

Warner Bros. / Via

11. Your cat takes pleasure in the misfortune of others.

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12. Your cat is obsessed with Breaking Bad and insists that you'd like it.


13. Your cat tells you it has a headache and "isn't in the mood" when you try to pet it.

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14. Your cat waits until the absolute last minute to do his taxes.

Nickelodeon / Via

15. Your cat reads your e-mails and makes long-distance phone calls when you're not home.

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16. Your cat is in denial about his anger management problem.


17. Your cat is self-conscious about his weight.

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18. You're cat makes condescending remarks about your unfinished screenplay.

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19. Your cat's Facebook posts are transparent bids for attention.

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20. Your cat hates himself, and has a debilitating sense of shame.

21. On second thought, maybe it's better that cats are just cats...

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