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10 Crutch Words You Literally Need To Stop Saying

I'm not gonna lie, these are, like, literally the worst words that could, like, ever come out of your mouth... right?!

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10. "I'm not gonna lie..."


Yes you are, you LIAR. And I'm not gonna punch you in the face.

9. "To be fair..."


Life's not fair, so take your inflated sense of justice and shove it.

8. "Basically..."


Oh, thanks for dumbing it down for me, Frasier.

7. "Seriously, though..."


Oh, I thought this whole conversation was a joke until now. Thanks for clearing that up.

6. "I know, right?!


I normally wouldn't agree with you, but it's hard to argue when you put so much emphasis on the word "right."

5. "I mean..."


Why would you say it if you didn't mean it? Should we assume you *don't* mean everything else you say??

4. "In a weird way..."


A disclaimer doesn't make your sick exploits any less weird, you pervert.

3. "Actually..."


Oh, thanks for enlightening me... about how much of a pretentious douche bag you are.

2. "Like"


This one is, like, a classic.

1. "Literally..."


The Merriam-Webster dictionary now says "literally" means "figuratively" thanks to a-holes like you.

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