The 10 Best Justin Timberlake SNL Skits

…so far

1. “It’s a Date”

Video available at:

Justin, Andy, Steve, Dan, Bill, Bobby, and Vanessa. Yea. Your heart might explode when you watch this.

2. “Single Ladies”

Video available at:

Beyonce and Justin should never be allowed to do things together. TOO. MUCH. AWESOMENESS.

3. “Beerville”

Video available at:

…or any of the “ville” sketches, really.

4. “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”

Video available at:

This literally needs no description.

5. “Dick in a Box”

Video available at:

The crown jewel of Justin skits. This won him and the rest of “The Lonely Island” an Emmy.

6. “Mother Lover”

Video available at:

“And while I’m in your mother, I’ll never use a rubber” - I’m proud to say that this is on my iPod.

7. “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”

Video available at:

They should never stop making these.

8. “Target Lady”

Justin and the Kristen…or should we say Peg and The Target Lady? YES PLEASE!

9. “What’s That Name?”

LOL BILL HADER “I think you’re awful!”

10. “Five-Timers Club Monologue”

This skit is one celeb appearance short of being the lobby at the Golden Globes.

We know there will definitely be some great skits in the future!

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