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Here's What The Cheetah Girls Look Like Now

Amigas, cheetahs, friends for life!

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Raven-Symoné as Galleria Garibaldi

Lou Rocco / ABC / Getty Images

Symoné Trivia: The Cheetah Girls marked Raven-Symoné's first-ever on-screen kiss!*

*The kiss was with Derek, aka Kyle Schmid.

Adrienne Bailon as Chanel Simmons

Jason LaVeris / Getty

Bailon Trivia: While filming the "Strut" dance sequence for The Cheetah Girls 2, Adrienne Bailon's shoes kept falling off, so the production team taped them to her feet.

Kiely Williams as Aqua Walker

David Livingston / Getty Images

Williams Trivia: In the final scene of the original Cheetah Girls movie, Kiely Williams dances on top of a car. It was raining while they filmed, and the producers were so nervous that Williams would slip and get hurt that they actually cried. 😭

Sabrina Bryan as Dorinda Thomas

Michael Tullberg / Getty

Bryan Trivia: After The Cheetah Girls, Bryan appeared on two seasons of Dancing With the Stars (Seasons 5 and 15), and both times she was eliminated after six weeks.

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