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32 Times Lady Gaga Slayed The Shit Out Of Us On Instagram

Reminder: We are all just peasants worshipping at the altar of Gaga.

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1. When she reminded everyone how to "red carpet" the right way.

2. When she casually got a phone call from Cher.

3. When she shared a toast with the always flawless Matt Bomer.

4. When she looked stripped down and stunning while also sharing an important message with her Little Monsters.

5. When her look of genuine happiness made us happy too.

6. When her gorgeous red lips gave us actual life.

7. And when she mesmerizingly stared into our souls.

8. When her sunglasses put everyone else's to shame.

9. When she made us drool with this picture.

10. When she uploaded this bootylicious photo and we all had to call in sick so we could stare at it all day.

11. When her winged eyeliner looked as if it had been painted on by Monet himself.

15. When she and Paul McCartney posed like they've been BFFs for years.

16. When she answered this phone call the same way that we all answer phone calls, but somehow did it one million times better.

17. When she showed us what it looks like to wake up next to a literally flawless, makeup-less queen.

18. I don't even know what to say about this. Simply perfect.

19. When we weren't sure who the luckier one in this photo is.

Literally both flawless queens.

20. When she looked gorgeous with brown hair.

21. When she looked gorgeous with green hair.

22. When she looked gorgeous with blonde hair.

23. When she looked gorgeous with black hair.

24. When she looked gorgeous with silver hair.

25. And when she looked gorgeous with no hair.

26. Every time she uploads a picture with Tony Bennett.

27. When she posed with her gorgeous fiancé and gave us all butterflies.

28. When she danced with a giant...umm...yeah.

29. When she descended the stairs of this plane looking like an angel coming straight out of heaven to save our souls.

30. When she sang to us in the voice of an angel.

31. When she posed with the cast of AHS: Hotel and we all died of happiness.

32. And, finally, when she gave us our first glimpse at The Countess.

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