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21 Of The Craziest Things People Have Done To Impress Their Crushes

"I sat on his girlfriend's face."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the craziest thing they've done to impress their crush. Here are the hilarious results.

1. The Case of the Missing Brows

—Katerina Mercedes Cervantes, Facebook

2. The Dare Devil

"One year my neighbor had a summer pool party for the kids in my grade. It was tradition for all the most daring boys to jump off the roof and into the pool, so, naturally, I got up on that roof. As I waved to my crush, I slipped off the roof and landed my left shin on the edge of the pool. An ambulance ride and 32 stitches later, he pronounced his love for me. It was worth the scar I have now."


3. The Amateur Fashionista

"I decided to print a t-shirt with his face on it...and it worked!"—babraul

"I decided to print a t-shirt with his face on it...and it worked!"


4. The Ass Piñata

"She was into BDSM so I let her shoot 12 industrial staples into my butt cheeks and then beat them with bamboo spoons for an hour. I couldn't sit comfortably for two weeks."


5. The Tennis Champ

Universal / Via

"I pretended I could play tennis, we went to the local court and I served a ball right into his little brother's face..."


6. The Dancing Cowboy

"One time I was in an online relationship in seventh grade with a 14 year old named Sid. This was before the time of digital cameras, and I was too young to get my own disposables developed because I didn't have a car, so I sent him my dance recital photos in skimpy leotards and heavy blush. I put them in the mailbox (how else would you send pictures?) and my parents found them in the outgoing mail. I'm pretty sure my mom cried. Her 11 year old chubby brunette was sending pictures of herself barely clothed in a cowboy hat to what was most likely a pedaphile in Ohio."


7. The Hopeful Gamer


8. The Secret Snapper

"I was Snapchatting my crush and I wanted my boobs to appear bigger and perkier, so I told my friend—who was with me—to hold them up while I snapped the picture (without getting her hands in it of course). Took a few tries, but I sent it."


9. The Seductress

"I sat on his girlfriend's face. I thought it would make me seem bold & sexual."


10. The Flat Iron Fail

"My crush once told me my hair looked pretty (I had straightened it for picture day), so I woke up an hour earlier for school every morning for the next two years and straightened the crap out of my hair until finally it was so fried my mom made me get a bob. I cried."


11. The Invasive Cannonball

DreamWorks / Via

"One time I jumped off the high dive to do a cannonball to impress my crush. This was a bad idea for two reasons: 1) a cannonball is the least graceful thing you could do, and 2) when I landed, water went straight up my ass."


12. The Phantom Girlfriend

CBS / Via

"I bought an iPod, created a fake iCloud account, and set it up as a completely different person. Then, I hooked my crush up with "my friend" (a.k.a fake me) and texted him using fake photos, etc. Well, my crush proclaimed his love to "my friend," and "she" turned him down. Then, real me swooped in and comforted him. It worked and we ended up dating. He still doesn't know it was me fake dating him for three months. I have no regrets!"


13. Edward Scissorhands

"They mentioned how they needed their hair trimmed, so I told them I was really good at cutting hair…I never cut hair a day in my life."


14. Three's Company


"When I was in sixth grade, this boy had a crush on me. So, naturally, he thought telling me he had a third testicle would impress me."


15. The Science Screw Up

Svisio / Getty Images


16. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

"As a child a few of my friends and my crush were gathered at the lunch tables. We were all discussing cool tricks we could do with our bodies. Some had double jointed thumbs, others had voice talents. I focused everyone's attention on me and shouted, 'I can pull out my hair!' and then promptly pulled out a chunk of my hair. My crush called me disgusting and left. My first tragic heartbreak."


17. The Knuckle Sandwich

Paramount / Via

"I thought the boy I liked would like me back if I showed him I could fit my entire fist in my mouth. So I did… and it didn't work."


18. The Handsfree Acrobat

"In third grade I had a huge crush on a boy. He and a group of his friends had a club that would meet on the monkey bars during recess. One day I asked if I could join the club if I showed them something cool...I said that I could swing on the monkey bars with no hands or feet. They were like 'LOL OK,' so I said '1… 2…3,' and flung myself backwards. I face-planted in the dirt. The teachers LAUGHED at me."


19. DIY Sushi

Paramount / Via

"One time me and my crush went on a fishing trip, and to impress him I ate a minnow. A dead minnow."


20. The Impromptu Wrestler


"I had a crush on a 'bad boy' in 10th grade. I was a sweet kid, but wanted to look tough and impress him. At a school dance when I saw him looking in my direction, I pushed my friend really hard and wrestled her to the ground to make it look like we were in a fight. For some reason I thought he'd be impressed by this. I looked like a crazy bitch and my friend was mad at me for a week."


21. And The Classic Bend and Snap



Note: posts have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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