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21 Pictures That Won't Make Sense To Non-Cat People

This post is purrrgent.

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1. When you're packing for vacation.

Instagram: @funny_catmemes

3. When this happens...four times a day.

Instagram: @americanfailure

4. When your heart melts because your cat is actually being sweet.

Instagram: @funny_catmemes

6. When you try to accomplish literally any task at all.

Instagram: @funny_catmemes

7. Whenever you see an exotic animal of the cat variety.

Instagram: @unicorntweet

8. When you have to sleep on the couch.

Instagram: @catmeme

9. When you're mocked from afar.

Instagram: @catmeme

10. When you're terrified of making one wrong move.

Instagram: @funny_catmemes

11. When you have to restrain yourself.

Instagram: @catmeme

12. When privacy is a thing of the past.


13. Whenever you need to leave the house.

Instagram: @catmeme

15. When you have two cat beds and a three-story kitty condo, but your cat still prefers the sink.

Instagram: @funny_catmemes

16. When your cat is actually bae.

Instagram: @fuckjerry

17. When your cat needs the computer more than you do.

Instagram: @yeg_beard

18. When you realize your cat is probably a mob boss.

Instagram: @funny_catmemes

20. When your relationship with your cat is one-sided.

Instagram: @yyazmene

21. And, finally, when you realize how terrible your cats are, but you love them so much anyway.

Instagram: @ravendu4

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