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10 Things You Would Rather Do Than Study For Finals

Walk through a lake of fire, brush your teeth with barbed wire, etc. All of these things are better alternatives to studying for your final exams.

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1. Watch a YouTube video that won't stop buffering. / Via

If watching that little circle spinning around for hours means I don't have to study Developmental Psychology, then it's a welcomed distraction.

2. Pet a lion while wearing a set of gloves made entirely of raw steaks.

Disney / Via

Because if I lose my hands, then my professor will be forced to exempt me from my Chem final.

3. Practice my roundhouse kick with Lucy from "Charlie Brown."

Fox / Via*wp-content*plugins*newsletter*tiny_mce*themes*simple*skins*default*peter-griffin-stroke-face-i16.jpg

Because that's still way better than trying to read my Biology notes through my tears.

4. Reorganize a Forever 21 store.

MTV / Via

Because it's easier to organize the sales rack at a F21 than it is to organize my thoughts on the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies.

5. Be Donald Sterling's Publicist.

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

6. Have my internet browser history published on the front page of The New York Times.

NBC / Via

Because that would honestly be less embarrassing than my Calculus grade.

7. Bare-knuckle box a kangaroo.


Because that would be less painful than thinking about the essay questions on my Marketing exam.

8. Get life advice from Charlie Sheen.

ABC / Via

Because whatever he says will still make more sense than my Philosophy notes.

9. Have every day be Thursday on Instagram.

Because no matter how much I hate #tbt, it's still better than studying British Literature.

Because no matter how much I hate #tbt, it's still better than studying British Literature.

10. Get dental work done by Kesha (without the $). / Via

Because telling your parents you got dental work from an untrained dentist is easier than telling your parents you got an F on your Political Science final.

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