10 Things You Would Rather Do Than Study For Finals

Walk through a lake of fire, brush your teeth with barbed wire, etc. All of these things are better alternatives to studying for your final exams.

1. Watch a YouTube video that won’t stop buffering.

If watching that little circle spinning around for hours means I don’t have to study Developmental Psychology, then it’s a welcomed distraction.

2. Pet a lion while wearing a set of gloves made entirely of raw steaks.

Disney / Via buzzsugar.com

Because if I lose my hands, then my professor will be forced to exempt me from my Chem final.

3. Practice my roundhouse kick with Lucy from “Charlie Brown.”

Because that’s still way better than trying to read my Biology notes through my tears.

4. Reorganize a Forever 21 store.

MTV / Via goodreads.com

Because it’s easier to organize the sales rack at a F21 than it is to organize my thoughts on the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies.

5. Be Donald Sterling’s Publicist.

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

6. Have my internet browser history published on the front page of The New York Times.

Because that would honestly be less embarrassing than my Calculus grade.

7. Bare-knuckle box a kangaroo.

Because that would be less painful than thinking about the essay questions on my Marketing exam.

8. Get life advice from Charlie Sheen.

ABC / Via mrwgifs.com

Because whatever he says will still make more sense than my Philosophy notes.

9. Have every day be Thursday on Instagram.

Because no matter how much I hate #tbt, it’s still better than studying British Literature.

10. Get dental work done by Kesha (without the $).

Because telling your parents you got dental work from an untrained dentist is easier than telling your parents you got an F on your Political Science final.

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