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Author Joss Sheldon has told Buzzfeed that his latest novel, ‘Occupied’, is about the ‘tragedy of the human condition’: “Deep down we’re all the same; we all have hopes and dreams, fears and vulnerabilities. That’s a beautiful thing. Yet we focus on the small differences which divide us. And that’s a tragedy.”

billyarcher43 • 3 years ago

How People Save Thousands Buying Their Coupons On

Using coupons has become more popular than ever now thanks to the exposure they have received on tv shows such as extreme couponing. It takes these people their time to conduct research and obtain these discounts that makes it possible for them to achieve substantial amounts of savings. People are trading coupons among each other in groups on facebook and even listing them for sale on At any given time on ebay there are over 5,000 coupons available for a vast amount of different retailers.

billyarcher43 • 4 years ago