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    • billb38

      I haveagood one. We were sitting on the sofa watching TV when out of nowhere our daughter,5years old at the time, said “I knew you were going to be my parents!” My wife andIlooked at each other andIsaid “How did you know?”,”Bill told me!” was here answer,isaid “Bill who?”,”Your dad, silly!” ok, digressing my dad died whenIwas 10 years old and the only person she knew as my father was my step dad Edward.Isaid “Where did you see Bill?” She said “We were sitting together and he pointed you out and said thatIdied too soon andIwas going back to live with you guys!” Wow,Ican see Linda’s goose bumps from across the room. She went on to tell us that she was about 16 riding inacar with some friends then the next thing she knew she was sitting with my dad! Cool but creepy just the same!

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