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    7 Kids You Didn't Know Were Hungry This Weekend

    The faces of childhood hunger are not what you think. Nearly 122,000 kids in the Mid-South worry about where their next meal will come from. Most of the time, there are systems that take care of them during the week but that means for every 5 children in a classroom, 1 of them will not eat this weekend. Here are 7 kids, 7 stories, 7 future leaders, businessmen and women, teachers and engineers who will be hungry this weekend.

    1. Meet Aiden, age 5

    Aiden dreams of becoming an astronaut and carries his Buzz Lightyear toy everywhere.

    He's soft spoken, shy, and the doodles of outer space on his preschool homework show that he is focused on the future.

    Aiden is an only child and lives with his mom.

    Aiden's mom works part-time at a local clothing store during the day. Money is tight and bills are piling up.

    Aiden will not eat this weekend.

    2. Meet Olivia, age 13

    Olivia is so excited about being an 8th grader.

    Next year, she will finally be in high school.

    She has worked really hard this semester bringing up her algebra grade to an A so she can make the honor roll again.

    She loves dancing and is on the middle school's dance squad. When she's practicing at school with her friends, she doesn't have to think about finding recipes that'll turn the few groceries at home into dinner for her and her sisters.

    3. Meet Gabby, age 9

    Gabby admires her 4th grade computer teacher, Ms. Bonnie. She teaches Gabby about how to type fast on a keyboard and create cool pictures on a computer program.

    Gabby would love to be a teacher when she grows up.

    Sometimes on Monday morning, Gabby can't pay attention to Ms. Bonnie's instructions. Gabby hasn't eaten since the after school program on Friday.

    4-6. Meet Dominick, age 8 | Trey, age 6 | Latrell, age 5

    Dominick, Trey, and Latrell are best friends and cousins. They live close to each other and love being able to hang out on school nights. All three of them volunteer at their family church and are always complimented on their sweet nature and manners.

    Eating meals from Trey and Latrell's parents is hard during the weekend because they work the night shift at the airport.

    Dominick receives a backpack full of food for the weekend thanks to the Mid-South Food Bank's BackPack Program and shares it with Trey and Latrell so their bellies will be full too.

    7. Meet Mark, age 14

    Ever since Mark was able to walk, he has loved kicking around a soccer ball. Mark plays soccer with his friends after school every day before his big brother, Thomas, picks him up.

    Food is in low supply at Mark's house because he has six brothers and sisters and his father lost his job a few months ago.

    Mark and Thomas do chores for the neighbor on the weekend so they can earn money to help feed their family.

    So you've seen the faces of childhood hunger and heard their stories. Now what?

    By donating $7 to the Mid-South Food Bank BackPack Program, a child will enjoy 6 nutritious meals to get them through the weekend.

    Give and learn more at:

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