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    4 Things We Can Learn About Social Media From Attending #WHSocial Tweetup

    Bigfish teammate, Andrew Bartolotta, was recently invited to The White House by the Office of Digital Strategy to tweet during the French Arrival Ceremony. Here's what he learned about his experience.

    1. Be A Transparent Brand

    Twitter: @WhiteHouse / Via Twitter: @WhiteHouse

    How can the most important (and typically confidential) office in the United States show it is transparent? By showing the American People the behind the scenes action inside and around the White House.

    Recently, the White House has been showing followers behind the scenes photos of the State Of The Union Address and State Dinner using #InsideTheWH making their typically confidential content transparent and engaging.

    Customers, consumers, and every day people love to see the inner-workings of a brand. With smartphones at nearly everyone's finger tips, we expect to see what our favorite brands are producing as well as how it got to the finished product.

    2. Make Your Followers Feel Special

    Via Twitter: @andrewjpg

    It's not every day that you receive an email inviting you to attend a ceremony at The White House. The Office of Digital Strategy understands that the American public wants to feel special and sets up #WHSocial at exclusive White House events.

    After Bigfish teammate, Andrew Bartolotta, received that email, he started booking a plane ticket immediately.

    Once at the White House, he was able to hang out with the social team, connect with a few other social media influencers, and take part first hand in the French Arrival Ceremony.

    Let your followers feel special. Send them swag, invite them out to an exclusive event, or any other 'just because'.

    3. Be A Good Listener

    Twitter: @dtmcculloch / Via Twitter: @dtmcculloch

    The social staff at the White House mixes up their political posts with opportunities for followers to take part in engaging content through Google+ Hangouts, Twitter chats, Facebook polls and various digital platforms for Americans to be heard.

    After the French Arrival Ceremony on the South Lawn, #WHSocial guests were invited to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to talk to various administration officials about the arrival ceremony, state visits, and ways the administration works to engage citizens via social media.

    Even though they were experts in their field, they listened to social media influencers that were invited to brainstorm ways for the White House to expand follower opportunities through social media.

    4. Have Fun / Via

    With the government looked upon as a very uptight and traditional entity, the Office of Digital Strategy's social staff juxtaposes their political posts with creative content on a regular basis.

    Recently, the Obama Administration used a nod to history and the TV show the West Wing to amplify a 'State of The Union Social' with the first-ever Virtual "Big Block of Cheese Day" where dozens of White House officials took to social media for a day long 'open house' to answers questions from everyday Americans in real-time on various social media platforms.

    For many brands, social media is a way to get their latest information out but it is important to have fun with it, sure, get cheesy!

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