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Who Is Winning The Secret Room?

If you make it into DonQ's Secret Room, you can boost BuzzFeed's top posts with a comment on the homepage. Find out what posts were boosted most from the Secret Room and answer the age old question: what wins at the internet: kittens or drunk chicks?

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  • 1. Kittens! (of course)

    BuzzFeed intern, Tanner's amazing kitten kidnapping note was the definitive Secret Room fave!!

  • 2. Loser Glenn Beck

    It seems safe to say everyone loves it when Glenn Beck loses. Jack takes second place in the secret room with this gem.

  • 3. Gross Chimps

    You guys in the Secret Room are sick, sick I tell you! Tanner takes third place with this gross monkey vid....

  • 4. Drunken Subway Suspense

    At fourth place, this video probably had people yelling at their screens from the Secret Room. Amanda comes out with fourth place and a TV pitch.

  • 5. Foreign Muppet FAILs

    BuzzFeed's very own Oscar The Grouch, Mr. Scott Lamb, takes 5th place in the Secret Room with a look at Oscars around the world and FYI: Brazil's Oscar haunts my dreams.