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25 Horrifying Thanksgiving Turkey Cakes

Apparently on Turkey Day, people across the U.S. feel the need to make cakes that look like, you guessed it: turkeys! Why, America? Why? Behold the terrifying results...and be thankful these won't be on your Thanksgiving table.

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  • 1.

    Now you can eat your nightmares.

  • 2.

    Zombie Turkeys FTW!

  • 3.

    I wonder if these people know that a turkey is an actual animal....

  • 4.

    Oh dear God, they're everywhere!

  • 5.

    Try to close your eyes and not see this burned into your brain.

  • 6.

    Is that turkey wearing a scarf and hat?

  • 7.


  • 8.

    Yeah, Joe. Happy birthday to you.

  • 9.

    Remember that part in Toy Story with the mutant mismatched toys?.....

  • 10.

    Menacing icing eyeballs are the cutest.

  • 11.

    Actually, wait. No, this one is perfect.

  • 12.


  • 13.

    Seriously, just make a normal cake if you're going to go this's like you're not even trying....

  • 14.

    I love the taste of gun powder, chocolate and feathers....

  • 15.

    But, why??

  • 16.

    Happy birthday dear, and sweet dreeeeaaaaammmmssss.

  • 17.

    Brer Turkey?

  • 18.

    Maybe no steam-lines off the mound of brown icing, mk?

  • 19.

    Because it's art.

  • 20.

    So. Much. Glaze.

  • 21.

    Because the realer the turkey head looks the more I want to eat it, right?

  • 22.

    Suck it NBC.

  • 23.

    This is like that part in Extreme Home Makeover where they build the soccer player kid a bed that's a giant soccer ball monstrosity. Keep the hobby a hobby, people.

  • 24.

    I will gladly take you up on your suggestion, Mr. Turkey Cake. Let's put you back in that box....

  • 25.

    This is purely inexcusable.