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How Your Phone Is Spying On You

It knows a lot of things about you.

BigBrotherWatch • 2 years ago

Why Should I Care About The Investigatory Powers Bill?

Its difficult to care about a piece of legislation when you don't have a hope in hell of understanding what it actually says. So to help you out, we've broken it down for you.

BigBrotherWatch • 3 years ago

8 Reasons You Should Care About Your Online Privacy

Are you someone who thinks online privacy just isn't for you?

BigBrotherWatch • 3 years ago

Nine Genuine Edward Snowden Revelations - And One April Fool

Edward Snowden's documents have revealed the chilling scale of internet surveillance. The plan, in the words of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the US National Security Agency (NSA), is to 'Master the Internet'. All of these are genuine disclosures, apart from one April Fool. Can you guess which one it is? Big Brother Watch is part of the Dont Spy on Us coalition, which is campaigning to reform the UK's surveillance laws.

BigBrotherWatch • 5 years ago