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    15 Incredibly Unique Minecraft Toys That'll Take Your Geekiness To New Levels

    Bringing the magic to the physical world.

    1. DIY printable Minecraft Steve inspired paper boxes

    2. Minecraft Treasure Chest Wallet

    3. Minecraft Wall Torch

    4. Minecraft Blue Diamond Sword & Pickaxe Set

    5. Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

    6. Minecraft Light Up Redstone

    7. Minecraft Magnetic Sheet Blocks

    8. Minecraft Socks 3 Pack

    9. Pixelated 8-Bit Sunglasses

    10. Minecraft Keychains

    11. Minecraft Party DIY Printable Kit

    12. Minecraft Creeper Scarf

    13. Minecraft Paracord Charm Bracelets

    14. Handmade Minecraft Creeper Backpack

    15. Minecraft Creeper Mug