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    You Definitely Have This Dress From Zara In Your Closet, Because EVERYONE Does

    From Budapest to Spain, this little dress is everywhere.

    You've probably heard of Zara, right? It's a huge clothing brand. You know it.


    Or maybe you haven't because you were born yesterday? In that case, welcome to this sick, sad world!

    Some people aren't fond of Zara because they're pretty popular, and you often see the same outfit on five different people in the same afternoon.

    iphonesavior / Via

    And that's never been truer than it has for this sleeveless, off-the-shoulder blue dress here:

    Zara / Via

    This dress has to be one of the best-selling garments in the history of clothing. How do we know?

    It's all thanks to the blog "The Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress From Zara," which has been cataloging sighting of the dress in the wild.

    The dress is from the Fall-Winter 2016 season, so it's been on the streets for a few months now. The creator of the blog, Lulu Krause, has been taking and collecting pictures ever since, and she's managed to compile hundreds of them.

    Here's someone wearing it in Budapest, Hungary:

    ritamadalina / Via

    And then there's this woman on the beach in Corralejo, Spain in the very same dress:

    aureliebredin / Via

    The blog's creator has said that her blog and the dress it's based on have become so popular that it's put her in touch with people she hasn't spoken to in years.

    Lulu Krause / Via

    In an interview with Refinery29, Krause says that she wasn't expecting much when she uploaded the pictures to Facebook, but people started to send her images they found, even people she hadn't spoken with in years. "It became a weird version of 'Where's Waldo?'." People upload tons and tons of photos of the dress to her Facebook page.

    Sure, maybe it's not the best dress for active lifestyles (or for haling a cab in), but it seems to be a good option for wearing to the beach.

    blueofftheshoulderdress / Via

    And it's nice and comfortable for when you're traveling.

    blueofftheshoulderdress / Via

    It even looks good in the bad lighting on elevators.

    blueofftheshoulderdress / Via

    It's good for going out to get drinks in.

    blueofftheshoulderdress / Via

    Or for... wearing on escalators?

    blueofftheshoulderdress / Via

    Or for wearing to buy more clothes at Zara!

    Lulu Krause / Via

    It's actually a great dress for clothes shopping, because when you're getting changed, all you need to do is lift your arms up and it's off!

    blueofftheshoulderdress / Via

    Here it is in its natural habitat, of course.

    Lulu Krause / Via

    If you ever encounter the Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress From Zara, don't forget to take a picture for posterity!

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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