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22 Trends From 2008 That Shouldn't Even Come Back As Jokes In 2018

Don't play dumb, we know you did all of these back in 2008. Just do everyone a favor and keep them there.

1. Wearing leggings as pants.

2. Especially skintight leggings (or latex ones).

3. Or, failing all that, those extra bright and colorful leggings.

4. Let's never forget those cold weather Crocs.

5. We went everrrrywhere in our maxi dresses.

6. It wasn't a party unless someone had on a pair of those Kanye shutter shades.

7. And every slightly cold day was just the excuse you needed to wear your Ugg boots.

8. If you had any style, you owned at least one pair of gladiator sandals.

9. Everyone wore one of those hippie headbands. Thanks Mischa.

10. And thanks to Blair Waldorf, we all had closets filled with pretty headbands.

11. A decade ago, the more ripped up your jeans were, the more style you had.

12. High-waisted jeans were huge in 2008 and hopefully never again.

13. Most people back then owned at least one pair of those Wayfarer sunglasses.

14. That is, when they weren't wearing thick-framed glasses like this pair here:

15. You had various babydoll shirts, and you wore them over your jeans, or shorts, or jean shorts.

16. Ooooobviously you had a wrinkled satin (or polyester) dress somewhere that you'd only bring out for special occasions.

17. How much do you miss your fringe boots?

18. There was a time when being tanned (or rather, orange) was the coolest.

19. In 2008, our shoulders spent a lot of time out in the open.

20. We'll always have a special place in our hearts for enormous belts.

21. And you'd love to get that tasseled vest from the back of your closet again, wouldn't you?

22. And if not, at least your giant beanies. RIP.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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