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    27 Disney Tattoos You'll Still Want, Even As An Adult

    To the tattoo studio... AND BEYOND!

    1. Mickey and Minnie done in watercolors, for your artistic heart:

    2. Or maybe this conceptual Minnie with a minimalist and elegant design:

    3. Matching Ohana tattoos, because you're family:

    4. This one is perfect for when you need a reminder to just keep on swimmin':

    5. When you carry Disney in your heart, you want people to notice.

    6. If you're looking for a tattoo to get with your significant other, how about this super sweet option?

    7. This one has a more retro look, if you're feeling nostalgic:

    8. This stylized Cinderella's castle is the kind of Disney tattoo you didn't even know you needed:

    9. And this Stitch, a very UNSUBTLE character, is captured beautifully with subtle lines and strokes:

    10. Or maybe you'd prefer Ariel, if she's a favorite of yours?

    11. Here's one that will help you never forget who you really are:

    12. And this one will remind you to be yourself, just like how Heihei always stays true to himself:

    13. A colorful Tinkerbell to brighten even the saddest days:

    14. Or something smaller, but just as pretty:

    15. You could have the most adorable Bambi in the world on you:

    16. Or a Flit, because you can never have too many reminders of the importance of friendship:

    17. If you're a fan of Disney AND reading, this tattoo is all yours:

    18. Such an iconic moment to have emblazoned across your skin for the rest of your life:

    19. Would you get a Minnie-inspired mandala?

    20. Lumiére and Cogsworth looking cuter than ever:

    21. If you and your sister are fans of Beauty and the Beast, you already know you need to get this tattoo together:

    22. And here's a perfect design for you and your significant other:

    23. All of the Aristocats in one place:

    24. Not everything in Disney needs to be sunshine and smiles. Sometimes there's a dark side too:

    25. Here's Donald Duck as you've never seen him before:

    26. And ironically, having Sadness on your body will have the opposite effect of making you feel sad:

    27. And if you need something that reminds you to take advantage of every moment, here's the perfect design:

    This post was translated from Spanish.