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    19 Beautiful Tattoos That Will Look Perfect On Your Ears

    You'll want to get them all, but sadly, you've only got two ears.

    1. Something with clean, black details:

    elisabettasoskic / Via

    2. Or blocks of solid ink:

    xdenizdemirx / Via

    3. If you want something filled with color, try a subtle peacock feather in your ear:

    my_rose_n_december / Via

    4. How about a delicate mandala?

    hayleyrtattoos / Via

    5. You can also opt for a classic, like a diamond:

    hechiceradeltatuaje / Via

    6. Or a moon, for all those nights when you told it your secrets:

    yannatattoos / Via

    7. Because you are, without a doubt, the queen of hearts:

    meganevansartist / Via

    8. Simple, clean lines:

    purple_sun_brussels / Via

    9. Or a little feather, for the hipsters at heart:

    graceyaustinclapham / Via

    10. Something to show off your love of cats, music, or both:

    kizby / Via

    11. Or just some lines and dots:

    intoyoutattoolondon / Via

    12. You can pick something cute and personal:

    dakotacarlson / Via

    13. Something to show off your love of music:

    instant_pain_tattoo / Via

    14. Minimalist shapes, like triangles, so that you can take coolest Instagram photos:

    tattooist_ida / Via

    15. Where's Waldo?

    electricinktattoostudio / Via

    16. A beautiful, and minimalist, sunset:

    worhmholes / Via

    17. Or something to express your love:

    annacrowart / Via

    18. The tragus of your ear is the perfect place for some dark pointillism:

    lunaneo / Via

    Bet you didn't know that was called a "tragus!"

    19. 🔊 ❤️

    tattooist_ida / Via

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