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    27 Pieces Of Advice You Wish You Had Known Before Turning 30

    And even if you've already 30, they still work.

    1. Travel more.

    2. Read more.

    3. And spend less time looking at screens.

    4. Quit your job.

    5. Trust people.

    6. Value your time and that of others.

    7. Fail and fail again.

    8. Don't compare yourself to others.

    9. Don't make excuses...

    10. Instead, learn to ask for forgiveness.

    11. Paaaaaaatience.

    12. Live in the here and now.

    13. Ask for help.

    14. If you're going to compete, compete against yourself.

    15. Forgive your parents.

    16. Don't call people your "best friends" just like that.

    17. NEVER buy shoes that are too small for you.

    18. Save.

    19. Don't ignore your intuition.

    20. Invest in experiences, not in things.

    21. Ask more questions.

    22. No, you won't always get things just because you have a cute face.

    23. Pick your battles.

    24. Take life seriously, but don't take yourself so seriously.

    25. Don't worry so much about where you're going. It's better to enjoy the journey.

    26. Things aren't as risky or as scary as they seem.

    27. Your heart won't be broken forever...

    This post was translated from Spanish.