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    If You Went To Catholic School, This Will Make You Say OMG

    Skirts at the knee, hair cut short.

    1. Having a strict dress code. / Getty Images

    And the weekly measuring of the skirts.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    It HAD to be below the knee. Although when you left you would fold it up to make it a miniskirt.

    And it had to be tucked in. Always tucked in.

    Pixland / Getty Images

    2. If you're a girl, you never left home without a good pair of biker shorts on under your uniform.

    Chantelle Baxter / Via

    3. And if you were a boy, you were always being given a hard time about your haircut.

    Catherine Yeulet / Getty Images

    And don't even think about growing out any facial hair.

    4. The long white socks always slid down to your ankles.

    Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images

    If we're so close with God, why couldn't he have blessed us with some good quality elastic?

    5. Prayers every morning.

    Catholic Chicago / Via

    6. And at least one mass per month.

    7. (And going to that mass piss drunk.)

    Creatista / Getty Images

    8. The best thing was the flavor of the host. Mmmmm, soft bread.

    Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

    And if you got a little wine too, you were really lucky.

    9. You made up rumors about a relationship between a nun and one of the priests because there was no romance between students to gossip about.

    Scott Griessel / Getty Images

    10. Your confirmation was fun because it was just a party with hundreds of your friends from school.

    Zoonar Rf / Getty Images

    11. You know all the songs that exist in any variable of the mass.

    Design Pics / Getty Images

    12. And you memorized (maybe still have memorized) really long prayers in their entirety.

    Juanmonino / Getty Images

    13. If you had a lot of musical talent, you could be in the choir.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    14. Ash Wednesday was an important day because they would mark your forehead with a cross.

    Disney / Via

    You could miss 15-20 minutes of class and yes, you felt like Simba.

    15. If you went to a co-ed school, phrases like "make room for the Holy Spirit" were part of the collective vocabulary.

    Jenna Marbles / Via

    16. And if you went to an all girls or all boys school, the mere smell of someone of the opposite sex sent you into the hormonal stratosphere.

    17. You took classes on morals and religion every year of your life...

    Zurijeta / Getty Images

    18. ...but you had no idea how women get pregnant.

    Sodahead / Via

    Either they were virgins with special powers or they had oral sex in a jacuzzi.

    19. You always feel just a bit of guilt (and also a little bit of fear) when doing "dirty" things because you think God is watching you.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    All. The. Time.

    20. Nothing could cause more panic than teen pregnancy.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

    That meant pre-marital sex.

    21. You were wary of gothic styles because you didn't know if it was right to use crosses as a fashion statement.

    22. And maybe, just maybe, the moment you graduated, you announced to your family and friends that you were an atheist.

    Imgur / Via

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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