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    17 Packing Tips That Even The Most Seasoned Travelers Will Think Are Genius

    Now go book your next vacation.

    1. Plan your outfits in advance and save time.

    hippie-inheels / Via

    2. Keep a couple of dryer sheets among your clothes so that they always smell fresh.

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    3. Optimize your space by putting your socks inside your shoes.

    naturallybeme / Via

    4. If you use contact lenses, keep an old case and use it to carry small jewelry like rings or earrings.

    moberlyadventures / Via

    5. Prevent your necklaces from getting tangled together in an impossible knot by using the cardboard from a roll of duct tape.

    kerrysings / Via

    6. But if they're very delicate, place the chain inside a straw to avoid mishaps.

    republicmoving / Via

    7. Use plastic wrap to stop your beauty products from leaking out and ruining your clothes.

    cmcfalk / Via

    8. If you travel with a baby, make your life easier by separating clothes for each day in ziploc bags.

    thepoodlelady / Via

    9. Roll up your clothes to have more space than you ever imagined.

    stephaniesaucier_photo / Via

    10. Keep your things inside your hats to save room and also to stop them from losing their shape.

    apairandasparediy / Via

    11. Put your shoes in an old shower cap so they don't get your clothes dirty.

    unlimitedescapes / Via

    12. Put all your cables and chargers in an old eyeglass case.

    herpackinglist / Via

    13. If you've already lost the plastic thing that covers the razor (which you obviously did), use a binder clip to protect it.

    stayathomemum / Via

    14. That clip is also useful for keeping your earphones tangle free.

    oyadabb / Via

    15. Keep your shoes by the wheels in your luggage, so that they don't crush everything else in your suitcase when you're rolling it through the airport.

    lauratrevey / Via

    16. Place a belt inside your shirt collars so that they don't lose their shape.

    pandatrot / Via

    17. To stop your makeup from shattering along the way, cover it with a little bit of cotton.

    kamdora / Via

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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