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22 Secrets Flight Attendants Won't Tell You About

Yeah...those earbuds are reused. Yes, even if they come in a sealed bag.

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2. "We notice when two people go to the bathroom together."

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It's not super common, but it happens. And it's the most unsanitary thing ever... Remember what we just said about the plane only being cleaned once a month?


9. "The water they use for tea and coffee is drinkable, and it's changed between every flight, but..."

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The tank that the water is stored in is not usually cleaned daily — more like...when someone thinks to do it?

11. "If a drunken passenger is cool, it's all good. But if they get annoying..."

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There's different ways to handle an inebriated passenger, but if they're being rowdy or obnoxious, there will be an officer waiting to escort them to security when the plane lands.


14. "There's not really a restriction on the amount of snacks a passenger can request, but it does depend on how you ask for them."

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As long as there's plenty to go around, there's no limit. But if you're not nice about it when you ask, you might get told to piss off.


19. "Different medical emergencies call for different procedures."

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First, you ask if there are any medics aboard the plane. If no one can help, there are basic procedures, first aid kits, and defibrillators. If it's very serious, the plane can make an emergency landing at the nearest airport.


This article is based on the experiences of several flight attendants, who we thank for their collaboration.

This post was translated from Spanish.