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    24 Characteristics Typical Of All Cancers

    If you were born between June 22 and July 22, this is for you.

    1. You can't deny that you're really sensitive.

    2. In fact, you don't need anybody to criticize you. You criticize yourself enough as it is.

    3. If it comes down to a choice of whether to go out and drink or stay at home, you'll ALWAYS choose your home sweet home.

    4. And you have to face it, you're sometimes a little lazy.

    5. You're always looking after your friends.

    6. You don't at all enjoy being in public places with a lot of people.

    7. It can hardly be said that you like being the center of attention.

    8. It's always hard for people to get through your emotional barriers.

    9. But when they do it, you're loyal no matter what.

    10. You don't like superficial things. When you decide to throw yourself into something, you do it with everything you have.

    11. You usually put your feelings way ahead of reason.

    12. You're almost never calm. Your life is a roller coaster of emotions.

    13. Anxiety and worry are your best friends.

    14. You can be a bit of a hoarder because you're so sentimental that you hold onto everything.

    15. Numerous times, people have told you that you're the "mother" of your group of friends.

    16. There's nothing more important to you than your friends and family.

    17. You're not a fan of risks and strong emotions.

    18. You can be a little stingy with your money.

    19. You prefer routine to spontaneity.

    20. You are one of the most perceptive and intuitive people you know.

    21. And you're beyond empathetic.

    22. But you're also very passionate.

    23. Maybe that's why your mood is constantly changing.

    24. But at the end of the day, when it comes to loving and being a good friend/child/parent or sibling, there's nobody like you.