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19 Moments That Will Make Anyone Who's Ever Had Braces Cringe

The sores. The pain. The torture. Gahhhhh!

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4. That awful pain that invades your entire cranium after your monthly adjustment, making you want to curl up in a ball and cry.

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Your ears buzz, your vision goes blurry, and you even start believing in God just so you can pray for an end to this torture.


8. Food gets stuck in your braces. All. The. Time.

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No matter what you do, there will always be just a bit of leftovers stuck in there just waiting to embarrass you at a time in your life when you already feel awkward enough.


12. You may find it painful to smile.

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But what's even more painful is smiling for photos because you know that your metallic grin will be forever immortalized in family albums, capable of being resurrected at any point to embarrass you in front of boyfriends, friends, neighbors, anyone...


14.'ve spent your dentist visits hoping and praying that today might be the day they tell you, "You only have two weeks left, a month at most."

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Even though you know there's not a chance of that happening and that it will be months before your teeth will once again be free.


18. And you try your hardest to remember to wear your retainer because the fear of having to get braces again outweighs any minor discomfort or social embarrassment caused by the retainer.

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