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26 Reasons Why Life In Your 30s Is Infinitely Better Than Life In Your 20s

36 is the new 23.

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2. Which is why you'll do things to consciously look and feel your best.

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Maybe now not all Sunday mornings will be just for chilling, and you won't find it as hard as you thought it would be to go for a run or a long bike ride.

3. Maaaaybe, just maybe, you won't party as hard as you did before.

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As time goes by, your need to take *all the shots* of tequila will diminish as you begin to recognize the bliss that is spending a nice quiet evening at home.


8. Your trips are more frequent and way better.

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You don't have to be on a shoestring budget on a cheap beach close to your place anymore. Now, you can afford a life of (limited) luxuries.


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