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Just 19 Ridiculous Extra Hipster Things

Who needs a glass when you can put your drink in an empty light bulb?

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1. Step 1 to opening a ~hipster~ restaurant: Borrow some stuff from your high school chemistry lab.

agemabz / Via

2. Who needs plates when you can have... shovels?

katabadperson / Via

3. Or a slab of wood?

janeencynthia / Via

4. Behold, the hipster's iced latte...

aaronyipster / Via

5. Would you like a small ice cream with an injection of caramel?

blankyj / Via

6. Framed menus in case you want to take one home and hang it on your wall.

mandachoy / Via

7. Would you get your morning cup o' Joe from this mobile coffee shop?

yumimoriwaki / Via

8. For those hot days, an ice cream made from charcoal.

kayseeleong / Via

9. Table lamp shades can also hang down from a ceiling if you're really into that kind of thing.

rafaelstiborski / Via

10. In the absence of forks, paintbrushes...

jagriffiths93 / Via

11. This Bloody Mary is not like anything you've seen before.

Emiamy / Via

12. TBH I might adopt this strategy at home... less dishes to wash, y'know?

luoerchan / Via

13. A tire instead of a sink... because reasons.

cubbon14 / Via

14. Anybody have any idea what's going on here?

llei_ / Via

15. Would you like some bread with that?

goldenwingedwoodpecker / Via

16. Grab your old stuffed animal, cut its head off, and hang it in your living room.

storm89c / Via

17. A measuring cup is still a cup, I guess...

angleszheng / Via

18. Christmas in Hipsterland.

_wanderlustre / Via

19. So long, vases. Hello, paper bag.

Got that ~rustic~ look.
zjozjolie / Via

Got that ~rustic~ look.

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