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    31 Great Online Sales You Won't Want To Miss Out On This Weekend

    Get major discounts from Simons, Old Navy, Pretty Little Thing, Indigo, Amazon Canada, and more!

    Cheers to the freaking weekend, y'all! We have finally made it to the end of another week, which means there are a bunch of awesome deals awaiting us on the World Wide Web. There's no need to search for them yourself, because we've rounded up all of the best ones for you.

    1. Get up to 50% off pants, tops, and jeans at Old Navy to refresh your wardrobe now that fall weather has arrived. Check out this long sleeve henley so you can stay cozy on crisp days and a pair of slim fit ankle pants that'll make your return to the office as comfy as possible.

    2. Get up to 43% off sale hair tools at Chatters. A deep waver with ceramic plates will give your tresses shine and a beachy texture without going overboard with curls à la Shirley Temple.

    a person using the waver on their hair

    3. Get up to 62% off sale items at Indigo. Must-haves include a floor cushion that'll give you some extra seating when you have company and a serving bowl for adding a pop of colour to the table during your next dinner party.

    4. Get up to 30% off during the Roots "Find Your Roots" sale on classic pieces that'll never go out of style. A short sleeve sweater dress will get you through the transition from summer to fall while a hooded knit sweater will come in clutch on cooler days.

    5. Score major deals (up to 50% off!) on home decor from Simons to get your place ready for the new season. A textured duvet cover set will give your bedroom an autumnal makeover and a woven planter will cover up the plastic pot your leafy baby is currently living in.

    6. Get 50% off almost everything at Pretty Little Thing. Whether you're in the market for a new fall jacket or a dress for an upcoming event, they've got you covered.

    7. lululemon has once again made too much, so you can grab a pair of trendy flared yoga pants, cropped tanks, and more at awesome discounts.

    8. Level-up your fall accessories with MAJOR discounts (I'm talkin' up to 75% off) on sale items at Michael Kors. A petite shoulder bag has just enough room for storing your essentials while you're out and about.

    A person carrying the small bag on their arm

    9. And up to 60% off makeup goodies from NYX that'll make it easy to refresh your makeup bag without blowing your budget. You can create endless ~lewks~ with a neutral eyeshadow palette, and this creamy highlighter will keep your skin looking glowy even after summer is long gone.

    If you're a one-stop shop kinda person, Amazon Canada has also #blessed us with some sweet, sweet deals this weekend. Here are some of the best ones.

    10. 21% off a desk with shelves that'll finally give you a spot to work that's not your kitchen table. It's specially designed to fit in small spaces, so you can even have a home office in your tiny apartment.

    the desk in a room with a computer on it

    11. And 26% off an ergonomic office chair to completely upgrade your WFH setup. It has flip-up armrests *and* it swivels, so you can change up your position during the work day to stay comfy (no lower back pain!).

    the swivel chair in an office

    12. 32% off a portable projector you can use for outdoor scary movie nights during spooky season. It comes with a screen that'll come in handy if you don't have a blank wall — just remember to grab some popcorn 😉.

    the projector and screen in front of a plain background

    13. 22% off a ten-tier plant stand if you're tired of your leafy friends taking up all of the space on your bookshelves and tables. Reviewers say it's super easy to assemble and love that it comes with all of the little tools you'll need to put it together.

    the plant stand in a living room with plants on it

    14. And 30% off a three-headed grow light to give your indoor greens all of the light they'll need to get big and strong. The brightness is adjustable and you can set the lamp on a timer, meaning you won't be kept up all night by its glare.

    the light pointed at hanging plants

    15. Up to 32% off a bestselling rainfall shower system that'll turn your ensuite into your own private spa. Reviewers say the mounted shower head and handheld both have amazing water pressure.

    the shower head on in a shower

    16. 21% off an outdoor camera if your home could use some extra security. It has full-colour night vision, and two-way audio, meaning you can use the companion app to talk to whoever is on camera, right from your cell phone.

    the security camera on a wall with water droplets on it

    17. Up to 37% off a 3D metal pirate ship puzzle that'll give you hours of screen-free entertainment. It'll look great displayed on a bookshelf once you've finished it, too.

    the pirate ship puzzle on a table surrounded by sea shells

    18. Up to 20% off a foam topper that'll upgrade your mattress with some extra cushion and support. Reviewers say it's helped them get a good night's rest and relieves pain while they sleep.

    the mattress topper rolled up on a bed

    19. Up to 25% off a set of makeup sponges that'll help blend your cream cosmetics to perfection. They all have a slightly different shape with special edges, so you'll be able to get into tight areas (like under your eyes and around your nose).

    the sets of makeup sponges in their case on a plain background

    20. 37% off a 60-pack of satin scrunchies for anyone who's constantly throwing their mane into a bun or pony. The soft satin will prevent your tresses from pulling or snapping and they're good for all hair types to use.

    a pack of 60 different satin scrunchies

    21. 34% off a set of food storage containers that'll make your pantry look Kardashian-worthy. Their airtight lids will keep your snacks and dry goods from going prematurely stale, and since they're clear, you'll be able to see when it's time to restock.

    the storage containers with labels on them in a pantry

    22. 35% off a copy of Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid if your reading stack is looking a little low. It'll suck you right back into the TJR universe, this time following the drama of the Riva siblings as they host their annual epic party in Malibu on a summer night in 1983.

    the book leaning on a stack of other books

    23. Up to 40% off a roll of LED strip lights that'll give any space a whole new vibe. Using the connected app, you can control their brightness and colour, or even set them to sync and flash to music and sound.

    The strip lights on the roll next to the box and remote with a phone open to the app

    24. 40% off a heated foot massager if you want to treat your tootsies to some TLC. The rotating massage balls will help relieve foot and nerve pain. Plus, the compact size means you can easily move it around and use it wherever you're sitting (even at your desk while you're working).

    A person putting their foot on the massager

    25. 24% off a large macrame wall hanging that'll make a statement wherever you hang it. The woven design will bring a trendy '70s feel to your room, as well as some warmth and texture.

    The wall hanging over a bed in a bedroom

    26. Up to 34% off a tube of Maybelline liquid lipstick that has the staying power of a matte liquid lipstick with the shine of a gloss. It'll give your kisser an ultra-pigmented stain that'll last all day long.

    the lipstick in front of a plain background

    27. 38% off a bestselling tarot deck and guidebook for anyone who wants to see what ✨the stars✨ have to say about their future. Each card features artwork based on traditional folklore from all around the world, and the set even comes with a book that'll teach you how to read them and give you a little info on the origins of the artwork.

    the tarot cards laid out on a wooden table

    28. 36% off a powerful percussion massager that'll help ease the aches and pains your hands just can't reach. It's lightweight and ultra-quiet, so you won't get exhausted while holding it. Reviewers say that aside from treating soreness, it's also great for warming up their muscles before a workout.

    the massager next to all of the different attachments and carrying case

    29. 30% off a pet door so your fur baby can access outdoor space (and let themselves back in) while the weather is still nice. Reviewers love how easy it is to install and say that it saves them from opening and closing the door 100 times a day.

    Four different dogs using the pet door

    30. 20% off a set of gel nail polishes for anyone who wants to become their own manicurist. The cured polishes can last up to three weeks, so you won't have to worry about your mani chipping every time you get your hands wet.

    a photo showing all of the different colour nail swatches and the base and top coats in front of a plain background

    31. And finally, 25% off an organizing rack for pots and pans that'll make your cookware easy to grab. Now you won't have to dismantle a carefully-stacked tower of frying pans every time you want to make some eggs.

    A split photo of the rack being used to store pots and pans vertically and horizontally

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