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    I've Rounded Up These 20 TikTok-Famous Things So You Won’t Have To Scroll Your FYP For Hours To Find ‘Em (You’re Welcome)

    I just can't stop scrollin'.

    1. A Cocokind Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick that's loaded with organic matcha powder, coconut oil, and beeswax to nourish dry skin. It can even be used as a remedy for dark circles and as a lip balm.

    a person using the moisture stick on their face

    2. A set of rainbow wine glasses if you want to add a fun pop of colour to your bar cart (you probably need to replace your set, anyways). Since each glass is a different hue, you won't mix up your drink with your bestie's at your next wine and charcuterie night.

    the wine glasses on a table next to a cheese platter

    3. An Always Pan that'll replace up to eight pieces of cookware in your kitchen. It has a non-stick aluminum coating that'll evenly distribute heat while you're cooking all of the viral recipes you've been wanting to try.

    a person sitting next to the stove with a pan on it

    4. A set of cropped tanks that'll pair perfectly with your sweats for a cozy and cute lounge set. They have trendy itty-bitty straps and are double-lined to keep everything contained, meaning nothing will pop out (even if you're going braless).

    Victoria taking a mirror selfie while wearing one of the cropped tank tops

    5. A wireless scrolling device so you can flick through your FYP without having to hold your phone. It has buttons to move through videos, add likes, pause, and control the volume, so you can stay snug under your blanket during your pre-snooze ritual.

    the clicker and the charging case in front of a plain background

    6. A screen cleaner that'll wipe all the fingerprints and grime from your touchscreen devices. It's wrapped in a microfibre material that'll easily wick away excess cleaner while leaving your screen streak-free. Its compact size means you can chuck it in your purse and use it on the go.

    7. A set of Glamnetic press-on nails for anyone who wants a salon-quality manicure with seriously minimal effort (no drying time or artistic ability needed). They're durable, can be applied in literal seconds, and you can even reuse them.

    the box of press on nails on a table with flowers and marshmallows and a person's hand wearing the nails

    8. A mini canvas bag for anyone who is obsessed with totes, but also hates readjusting them on their shoulder every five minutes. The tiny structured purse will carry an impressive amount of stuff and it comes with a strap, so you can wear it as a crossbody bag or go hands-free.

    A person holding the bag in front of a plain background

    9. A set of recordable buttons so you can train your pet to talk to you. You can customize them with your choice of commands like "treat", "walk" or anything else you think your furry friend would want to say to you. You'll know exactly what they want without the guessing game (and it's a pretty impressive trick to show off to guests).

    the buttons and stickers in front of a box

    10. A bottle of Freck faux-freckle makeup so you can keep your beauty marks around long after your summer tan has faded. The formula is buildable, meaning you can make your freckles as subtle or as bold as you want (it'll also look super natural if you don't have any to begin with).

    a person applying the freckles to their face

    11. A Bentgo kid's lunchbox that'll be the shining star of your little's midday meal. Their entire spread will fit in the compartments, and it's leakproof, meaning dips and sauces won't spill into their dessert container (or all over their backpacks).

    two kids eating from their lunch boxes outside

    12. A Kitsch satin heatless curling set that'll bless you with bouncy damage-free ringlets while you snooze. Since it's satin, it won't pull on your tresses or cause breakage.

    A person putting the curling rod in their hair

    13. An oil dispenser with a silicone brush attachment that'll give you the perfect amount of EVOO every time. You can use the brush to baste whatever you're frying, or as a dropper to dress a salad (without going overboard).

    the oil dispenser being used on a frying pan

    14. A jar of pumpkin spice-flavoured Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because cold weather is here and so are chapped lips (ugh). Applying this to your pout before bed will keep your kisser moisturized and flake-free through the driest time of the year.

    Bianca holding up the lip balm over some leaves

    15. A teeny magnetic shelf that'll sit on the top of your stove and give you a little extra storage room. It'll hold all of your frequently used spices and sauces, so they won't take up space on your counters or in your jammed cupboards.

    the shelf on top of a stove holding spices and sauces

    16. A portable water bowl so your fur baby can rehydrate while you're on a brisk fall hike or tearing it up at the dog park. The water dispenses into a handy built-in bowl, making it easy for them to drink on the go.

    Bianca offering her dog a drink from the bottle

    17. A set of no-crease hair clips to keep your bangs and face framing layers out of your way while you apply your makeup. The plastic on them will grip your strands without crimping them, so you won't have to restyle your hair.

    A person with the hair clips in their hair while they sit in a bath with a face mask on

    18. A pair of ice sphere trays because regular ice cubes are way too boring for your fancy drinks. They'll make perfectly round and tiny spheres that reviewers say it's a breeze to release from the trays (and they'll look super aesthetic on your Instagram grid, too).

    a set of the ice trays on a table beside bottles and cut fruit

    19. A reusable pet hair remover that'll pick up everything your dog or cat has shed. Simply dump the fur out when it gets full and it'll be ready to roll the next time your couch looks like it's covered in a fur blanket.

    A person using the hair remover on a couch cushion

    20. And finally, a set of NYX false lashes that'll make your peepers look *amaze* (and like you spent a lot of money getting lash extensions). They have an ultra-thin band that'll be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they also come with a lil' case you can store them in between wears.

    You buying all the stuff from your FYP:

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