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    24 Amazon Canada Products That I'm Betting You're Gonna Want To Add To Your Cart

    Everything you never knew you needed (without breaking the bank).

    1. A NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil that'll help you create fun and bright shadow and liner lewks with a single swipe across your lids. Reviewers even love using them as a base to make their eyeshadows really ✨POP✨.

    2. A set of floral press-on nails for anyone who wants a salon-quality manicure in minutes (with no drying time). Reviewers say they're durable enough to last through building furniture and washing dishes without budging.

    a hand with the press on nails on them

    3. An oil dispenser with a silicone brush attachment that'll give you the perfect amount of EVOO every time. You can use the brush to baste whatever you're frying, or as a dropper to dress a salad (without going overboard).

    the oil dispenser being used on a frying pan

    4. A pair of twisted hoop earrings that look like they're worth much more than you spent on them. You can wear 'em on nights out or days you don't want to risk losing priceless jewellery.

    5. A clear lipstick holder that'll make your favourite tube easy to grab while you're on the go. You can attach the keychain to your keys or purse, so you won't have to rifle through your bag the next time you want to reapply your signature shade.

    The lipstick holder with a tube of lipstick inside on a plain background

    6. A satin scrunchie for days when you just need to chuck your hair into a messy bun. Since it's made of a silky material, it won't tug on your mane or cause breakage.

    A person with three of the scrunchies on their arm outside

    7. A bottle of EOS shave cream if you want your skin to feel silky-smooth long after you've shaved it. It'll act more like a moisturizer rather than a traditional shaving foam, so you'll be able to see what hair you're getting rid of.

    Bianca holding up the bottle in front of a textured fabric

    8. A six-foot long light-up charging cable that'll glow when your phone is plugged in. Now you won't have to fumble in the dark to find your charger (or your phone) at night.

    the light up charger on a table in a room lit up in the dark

    9. A golden moon phase banner that'll add some 🌙lunar energy🌙 to whatever room you hang it in. The metallic charms will glisten whenever the moonlight hits them just right.

    The banner hanging over a couch

    10. A CoverGirl tinted lip balm that'll give your lips a hint of colour while moisturizing them, too. It’s packed with pomegranate oil and hyaluronic acid that’ll keep your pout from drying out.

    A person putting a berry lip balm on their lips

    11. An escape room in a box that'll bring a handful of tricky puzzle activities into the comfort of your own home. It comes with access to a companion app that'll time you while playing ambient, themed sounds for more of an immersive experience.

    Bianca holding up the cover of the game box with some of the game pieces behind it on a table

    12. A pack of Korean exfoliating washcloths if your skin could use a little extra TLC with seriously minimal effort. They'll buff away dead skin, leaving you with smooth results that'll be easy to maintain.

    Alice wearing one of the washcloths on her hand

    13. A plastic shopping cart Loonie that you can keep on your keychain whenever you pop into a grocery store. You'll never have to remember to keep coins on you to access a cart, and since it'll be attached to your keys, you won't leave it behind either.

    a person putting the plastic loonie in their shopping cart

    14. A drying rack so your makeup tools can fully air out before you use them again. The different-sized openings can fit a variety of brushes and it'll fold down, making it easy to store between cleaning days.

    Brushes hanging in the brush holder on a table beside a cup of makeup brushes

    15. A Wet n Wild waterproof eyeliner that won't budge even when the floodgates (aka your tear ducts) open up. Reviewers say it stays in place on their waterlines all day.

    16. A rechargeable reading lamp so you can read your fave novel without straining your eyes (looking at you, phone screen). It has three brightness settings and will illuminate your pages from any position.

    Bianca holding a book up with the light attached to the top as it illuminates the pages

    17. A woven basket that'll hold your tiny house plants while hiding the plastic pots they're currently living in. Plus, it'll totally match the chill boho vibe you've got going on in your home.

    The woven basket with a snake plant in it on a table next to a vase and candle

    18. A Tide To-Go pen that'll quickly remove stains as soon as they appear. Gone are the days of worrying about that oil or pasta sauce sticking around on your shirt for the rest of the day (or night).

    Bianca holding up the tide pen in front of a tree

    19. A journal that'll help you keep track of everything you're currently working on manifesting. It has daily prompts if you need a little help getting started, and plenty of encouraging quotes that'll keep you inspired.

    20. A tube of Maybelline liquid lipstick that has the staying power of a matte liquid lipstick, with the shine of a gloss. A quick swipe will bless your kisser with an ultra-pigmented stain that'll literally last for hours.

    the lipstick in front of a plain background

    21. A set of nylon pan scrapers to help you remove caked-on food from your pots and pans without damaging your cookware. Now you won't have to use knives or *cringe* your nails to clean up tough messes.

    22. A set of glass apothecary jars to keep all of your bathroom doodads (like cotton swabs and hair elastics) from cluttering up your vanity. The bottom tray can double as a dish for a seasonal candle or a tray to hold lotions and perfume.

    The tray with two glass jars on it on a bathroom counter

    23. A pack of four silicone facial scrubbers that'll help you get the foamiest lather from your cleanser, so you can finally give your skin the deep clean it needs. The lil' bristles will treat your skin to some light exfoliation and are even gentle enough to use on more sensitive areas, like around your eyes.

    Bianca holding up one of her silicone scrubbers in front of a shower curtain

    24. And finally, a rechargeable lighter if your disposable ones always seem to be empty when you want to light your favourite candle. Its flexible neck can tilt it in any direction, so you'll be able to reach wicks without burning your fingers.

    The lighter plugged into a laptop on a wooden table next to a plant

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