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    25 Things From TikTok That, In My Opinion, Are "Perfect Perfect Perfect"

    Prepare to be influenced.

    1. A tube of Clinique's cult-fave Black Honey lipstick that'll give your pout a subtle berry hue without going overboard with pigment. It's buildable, so you can layer it on for a little more colour and it'll still look like it's been perfectly lived-in.

    2. A Dash mini waffle maker that you can use to tackle all those drool-worthy recipes you've favourited. You can get adventurous with it and press cookie dough, hash browns, or cheese into waffles when you want to go off-book.

    The waffle maker open revealing a cooked waffle inside

    3. A Revlon one-step hair dryer that’ll make it easy to achieve the voluminous hairdo of a ’90s supermodel with one hand. Reviewers love that it cuts drying and styling time in half.

    4. And a bottle L'Oréal heat-protectant hair mist that'll save your mane from scorching temps and breakage caused by heat styling. It'll also help fight humidity and tame frizzy flyaways throughout the day.

    Bianca holding up the heat spray in a bedroom

    5. A tube of Maybelline Sky High mascara that'll extend your lashes to new lengths. It's infused with lightweight bamboo extract, so your lashes will never be dragged down by product. Reviewers love that the mascara glides on without clumping and that their lashes stay voluminous all day.

    6. A set of velvet scrunchies with hidden pockets that'll keep your valuables safe. You can store your keys inside of them while you're on a run or stuff 'em with emergency cash on nights out.

    A velvet scrunchie with a zipper in it on a table on top of an invitaton

    7. A game of We're Not Really Strangers that'll break the ice for honest conversation with your partner or BFF. Spend a few hours answering the prompts to get to know each other on a whole new level and build a closer connection.

    A person holding the cards up above a table

    8. A dual-ended tube of Nyx matte lipstick and gloss that'll help you achieve a look that lasts all day. The lipstick is transfer-proof, so you won't need to worry about it smudging all over your face.

    9. A copy of Wreck This Journal that'll encourage you go against your instincts and crack the spine, bend the pages, and totally destroy a book. If gratitude diaries and bullet notebooks aren't for you, but you want to try your hand at journalling, this might be ✨the one✨.

    The front cover of the book

    10. A squishy cooling cup that'll turn your favourite drinks into slushies just by squeezing for a few minutes. It comes with a spill-proof lid to keep your icy beverage contained and it'll even turn yogurt into froyo for a quick dessert.

    The cup, spatula, and straw it comes with in front of a snowy backdrop

    11. A trio of jumbo hair clips that'll effortlessly give you the Y2K updo of your dreams on dirty hair days. Reviewers say that the clips even hold up thick tresses with ease and that they're great for clipping up strands while they're straightening or curling their mane.

    12. A copy of People We Meet on Vacation that'll quickly become your new favourite literary rom-com. It's all about two friends who meet up once a year to take an epic trip, but romantic feelings start to arise. It'll have you turning pages all night long as you bounce between vacations past and present.

    Bianca holding the book up against her bed

    13. A tub of E.l.f putty primer that'll give your skin a velvety texture and grip makeup, so it'll stay flawless all day long. It's infused with moisturizing squalane that'll give your skin a boost of hydration and a perfect dewy finish while minimizing the look of your pores.

    14. A game of Incohearent that'll have you wracking your brain to decipher the gibberish on the cards. It's perfect to play with larger groups and there are even some NSFW cards for adult get-togethers.

    A group of people playing the game at a table

    15. A white acrylic slipmat for your record player that'll not only improve the sound quality of your records, but it'll also make the coloured vinyl in your collection ~POP~ as they spin on your turntable.

    A before and after showing a coloured vinyl on a turntable brighter with a white slip mat underneath

    16. And a pack of acrylic record shelves that'll display your favourite albums like the works of art that they are. You'll be able to slide records in and out with ease, so you can switch up the display whenever you feel like it.

    The shelves on a wall displaying a selection of Paramore albums

    17. A gentle CeraVe facial cleanser that'll wash away dirt, excess oil, and any leftover makeup without stripping healthy moisture from your face. It’s fragrance-free and it includes hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that’ll keep your skin hydrated and blemishes at bay.

    Bianca's hand holding up a bottle of the CeraVe cleanser against a plain wall

    18. And a vibrating face scraper that'll get trapped dirt and sebum out of your pores in a flash. You'll be left with a totally clean visage and reviewers say it leaves their skin so smooth it rivals the results of a spa facial.

    May holding the device which has some dirt on it

    19. A vintage-inspired scrapbooking kit that'll add some old-timey flair to your junk journal. Decorate your pages with stickers, washi tape, and dried flowers for a relaxing activity you can pick up whenever you have time.

    A journal opened to a page decorated with the materials while it is surrounded by more of the kit

    20. A Fujifilm disposable camera that'll allow you to live in the moment instead of fretting over the best selfie angles. Once you've used all the film, the collection of snapshots will be like an IRL photo dump.

    A person holding the camera up to their face with plants behind them

    21. A roll of stick-on rainbow window film that'll give you privacy from nosy neighbours and make your room look like a kaleidoscope when the sun hits the glass just right.

    A set of windows covered with the rainbow film in a living room

    22. A tube of the FYP-famous Caudalie instant detox mud mask that'll give you facial-worthy results in minutes. It'll help cleanse your pores while giving your skin a radiant glow.

    23. And a set of silicone face mask spatulas so you can apply your favourite facial treatment without having to use your fingers. They won't absorb any product, so you'll get to use every last drop.

    The two silicone spatulas in a cup on a table

    24. An Unsolved Case Files game that'll be right up your alley if you're obsessed with true crime. Read through all of the documents to piece together the series of (fictional) events to solve the case.

    The files from the game fanned out on a wooden floor

    25. And finally, a roll of LED strip lights that'll fill your room with a multicolour glow at the touch of a button. You can even make your own custom colours with the included remote.

    The outside of Bianca's closet which is glowing from the LED lights inside

    You scrolling through this list and recognizing a few products from your FYP:

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