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    18 Things Gen Z Currently Loves That Were Also Cool 20 Years Ago

    Those chunky flip flops you've been holding onto are finally cute again.

    1. A pair of iconic Steve Madden platform sandals that'll boost you up a couple of inches while keeping your tootsies happy all day (uncomfy high heels? I don't know them).

    A person wearing the shoes against a plain backdrop

    2. A Fujifilm disposable camera that'll allow you to live in the moment instead of fretting over the best selfie angles. Once you've used all the film, the collection of snapshots will be like an IRL photo dump.

    A person holding the camera up to their face

    3. A pack of butterfly hair clips that'll hold your tresses back just like they did in the '90s. Each set comes with a rainbow of colours, so you can mix 'em up or match them to your OOTD.

    A bunch of the clips mixed together on a plate

    4. A tiny baguette bag with just enough room to squeeze your 2022 cellphone in with your wallet and sparkly lip gloss.

    A person holding up the bag in front of a plain background

    5. A trio of jumbo hair clips that’ll help you effortlessly achieve the Y2K updo of your dreams. Reviewers say that the clips even hold up thick tresses with ease and that they're great for clipping up strands while they're straightening or curling their mane.

    6. A beaded necklace that'll bring some colour to your daily jewellery stack. It’s great for layering with daintier pieces if you still wanna keep things current.

    A person wearing the necklace against a plain backdrop

    7. A clear mini backpack that'll keep all of your essentials contained while showing off everything you keep in your bag. It has a small pocket on the outside to hold easy-to-grab items (like your phone, or Game Boy😉).

    The backpack filled with stuff on a bench

    8. Or a belt bag if your goal is to carry less when you leave the house. It's trendier than the fanny packs of yore and you can wear it as a crossbody bag for a more current look.

    A person wearing the belt bag as a crossbody bag

    9. A silky slip dress that’ll be a great layering piece on chilly days, while still looking chic enough for a fancy night out. Reviewers rave about how comfy it is and say that it's the perfect versatile addition to their closet.

    10. A bucket hat that’ll keep the sun out of your eyes during summer picnic dates with your friends. Reviewers say it’s super breathable, so your head won’t get sweaty while you’re wearing it.

    A person wearing the hat outside

    11. A set of beaded phone straps that’ll add a little flair to your favourite device while helping you keep it within reach. They’ll tie right onto your phone case (perfect if you don’t like to stick things to the back of your phone).

    A person holding a cell phone with the wrist strap dangling beside the phone

    12. A pair of slim sunglasses that you won't want to take off once the sun makes an appearance. They’ll totally go with the vibe of your Y2K-inspired warm weather wardrobe.

    A person wearing the sunglasses posing in their bedroom

    13. A matching sweatsuit that’ll keep you cozy and effortlessly stylish, whether you’re running through your never-ending list of errands or just hanging out on the couch with a good book.

    A person wearing a matching sweat suit as they lean against a plain wall

    14. A tub of holographic glitter gel that'll give you the Euphoria makeup ~lewk~ of your dreams. It'll stick right to your skin and stay put all day (or night), so you won't have to worry about touch-ups while you're out.

    A person with the glitter gel around their eyes

    15. And a pack of loose gems that'll give your makeup some extra ✨sparkle ✨. You can even stick them in your 'do and make all of your early 2000s pop diva hair dreams come true.

    A person holding the tiny crystals in the palm of their hand

    16. A chain belt that'll add a little edge to a plain outfit. You can wear it over shirts, jeans, dresses, and even swimsuits to glam-up your pool party 'fit. It'll also cinch in baggier pieces to give them a totally different look.

    A person wearing the chain belt over a baggy t shirt dress

    17. A comfy bean bag chair that’ll be perfect to lounge in while you watch your favourite throwback flicks. The filling is made of memory foam that’ll be a tad more supportive than the squishy and slouchy beanbags of the past.

    A pair of people sitting on a beanbag chair in the middle of a room

    18. And finally, a CoverGirl tinted lip balm that’ll give your pout a subtle berry sheen you can wear all day long. It’s packed with pomegranate oil and hyaluronic acid that’ll keep your lips hydrated for hours.

    A person putting a berry lip balm on their lips

    You, an adult, buying all the stuff you wanted as a teen:

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