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    I Will Not Sleep Until You Know About These 25 Awesome Products I Found Online

    I can't explain it, but I need a disco ball bottle opener and also an instant photo printer.

    1. An Inkbox temporary tattoo for anyone who wants to try on some ink before committing to it forever. After it fully develops, it'll last up to two weeks (it's also waterproof) before gradually fading, so you'll get a real sense of what it'll look like day-to-day.

    a split photo showing the difference of the tattoo after developing for 24 hours

    2. A Sketch Your Sticker book any budding artist or person who is just obsessed with stickers would adore. You'll be able to fill in pre-cut blank stickers with whatever funky and fun designs you want.

    the front cover of the book

    3. A pack of magnetic duvet pins that'll keep your duvet from slipping to the bottom of the cover every night while you slumber. The pins will stay locked in place, so you won't have to worry about any sharp objects surprising you during the night.

    A person holding the duvet pin magnet with a pin inside

    4. An Instax wide photo printer for anyone who loves the idea of an instant camera but hates gambling on how it'll turn out. You can connect it to your phone and print out your fave snapshots from your camera roll, so you'll know exactly what they look like before they develop.

    the printer connected to a phone printing a photo on the ground surrounded by fall decor

    5. A Friends jigsaw puzzle that'll add a screen-free activity into your life. The 1000-piece puzzle features a collage of photos of the whole gang from iconic episodes of the show.

    the completed puzzle next to the box on a hardwood floor

    6. A pair of UGG Mini II boots that are sure to be on everyone's holiday wishlist this year. They're an adorable twist on the classic UGG boots of yore (that you've been patiently waiting to come back in style) and you'll be walking on clouds whenever you slip them on.

    a person wearing the boots against a plain background

    7. A silicone butterfly clip that'll keep your smartphone's front cam covered. It's a super cute accessory that also ensures you'll only be on camera when you want to be.

    A person holding a phone with the butterfly clip on it

    8. A set of Makeup Erasers to help you take your face off at the end of each day. Simply wet the super-soft cloths (no cleanser needed) and watch your makeup melt away.

    the makeup erasers and claw clip on a tile floor

    9. An earring organizer to hold all of your huggies, hoops, and studs. It'll keep them from getting tangled together in whatever drawer or box you usually keep them in (and make 'em a cinch to grab in a rush).

    the earring holder on a dresser in a bedroom

    10. A moon phase mirror set that'll add some witchy glam to whatever room you hang it in.

    the mirrors hanging on a wall over three potted plants

    11. And a crescent moon tabletop shelf if your ✨crystal collection✨ has outgrown the small bowl you're currently keeping it in. Since the shelves are different heights, they'll hold rocks of all shapes and sizes (like your tall points and wonky clusters).

    the moon shelf on a desk with crystals in it

    12. A disco ball bottle opener that'll crack the lid off that bevvie you could have sworn was a screw top. It'll look so pretty on your counter, you won't want to shove it into a drawer after you use it.

    a person opening a bottle with the disco ball opener

    13. A mirrored tray with gold accents that you can use to display your perfume collection or hold your keys. Reviewers have even used it in their bathrooms, so they have a dedicated to put their jewellery while they wash their hands or shower.

    the tray on a table with perfume and pearls in it

    14. A roll of frosted window film that'll stop nosy neighbours from peeking into your place, while still letting in plenty of light. Reviewers love that it totally changes the look of their windows with low cost and minimal effort.

    the film on a window in a bedroom

    15. A lightweight foot heater that'll be the perfect addition to your office desk or winter WFH setup. It'll keep your tootsies toasty while you work and it'll automatically shut off after eight hours (forgetful worriers, rejoice).

    a person using the foot heater under their desk

    16. A calligraphy guidebook to help you get your handwriting looking top-notch (just in time for holiday cards). It'll guide you through the fancy swirls and twirls of every letter in the alphabet, so you'll be writing like an old-timey poet in no time.

    the book open to a page on a table

    17. A pair of twisted hoop earrings that'll look like they're worth much more than you spent on them. You can wear 'em on nights out or days you don't want to risk losing priceless jewellery.

    18. A stackable egg box that'll be sturdier (and easier to access in a full fridge) than flimsy cartons. The drawers can fit an impressive 18-20 oeufs and the sides are vented to keep them as fresh as possible.

    the egg boxes on a counter

    19. A set of sweary affirmation cards for anyone who likes encouragement without all the mindfulness frills. They'll give you a lil' boost of serotonin and also a giggle in the middle of a stressful day.

    a person holding a few of the cards in front of a plant

    20. A set of handy waistband extenders if you’re tired of your pants digging into your tum. They're super easy to pop on (no sewing required!) and come in three different colours that'll match different shades of denim, so you won't have to get rid of your favourite pair of jeans.

    The waistband extender on a pair of jeans

    21. A ~handy~ palmistry jewellery stand to keep your collection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets from getting tangled while you're not wearing them.

    The jewellery stand with jewellery on it on a table beside a pair of glasses

    22. A terracotta bear to keep your bag of brown sugar from turning into a brick before holiday baking kicks off. It'll keep the sugar perfectly moist and soft for up to six months after a 20 minute soak in some plain water.

    the clay bear in a canister of brown sugar

    23. A cheeky vase that'll display your favourite seasonal buds or succulents while showing off your love of tushies. It'll also work as a pencil holder on your desk or as a home for your makeup brushes on your vanity.

    The butt-shaped vase holding some dried flowers in front of a plain background

    24. A rechargeable lighter if your disposable ones always seem to be empty when you want to light your favourite candle. Its flexible neck can tilt it in any direction, so you'll be able to reach wicks without burning your fingers.

    The lighter plugged into a laptop on a wooden table next to a plant

    25. And finally, a bottle of EOS shave cream if you want your skin to feel silky-smooth long after you've shaved it. It'll act more like a moisturizer rather than a traditional shaving foam, so you'll be able to see what hair you're getting rid of.

    Bianca holding up the bottle in front of a textured fabric

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