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    If You Have Absolutely No Idea What To Get For Your Holiday Gift Swap, Here Are 24 Things That Are Under $50

    They'll be like, "This is exactly what I wanted...how did you know?".

    1. A glass animal mug that'll make their morning cuppa almost too adorable to drink. They'll be able to see every layer of their latte, and since they're double-walled, they won't burn their hands when they take a sip.

    a person holding two different animal mugs

    2. And a sachet of dinosaur hot chocolate that'll warm them from the inside out. The white drink mix will turn pastel green when it's mixed with milk or water, turning it into a seriously fun drink experience (kiddos will love it, too).

    a glass mug with the hot chocolate and marshmallows in it

    3. A pouch of Bananagrams that has the same vibe as Scrabble, but without the confines of a board. The game is simple: they'll battle it out with an opponent, drawing letter tiles to create their own grid of words until there are none left. Whoever completes their word grid the fastest is the winner!

    4. A huggable sloth heating and cooling pad that'll come to the rescue for all of their aches and pains. It can be microwaved or popped in the freezer to soothe everything from monthly cramps to a sprained ankle (and it's way cuter and easier to cuddle than a regular heating pad or hot water bottle).

    a person sitting in their bed with the pad on their shoulder

    5. And a wearable sloth blanket that they can wrap themselves in when they need an extra cuddle. It has a fluffy hood and little claw pockets that they can keep their hands in to stay extra toasty.

    a person wearing the sloth blanket

    6. A set of fizzy bath bombs that'll encourage them to take a self care moment (or six) during the busiest time of the year. It comes with enough bombs for them to add fizz to plenty of baths over the holidays and give themselves a bit of R&R before the new year.

    the heart-shaped bath bombs on a ledge in a bathroom

    7. A ~handy~ jewellery holder that'll artfully hold their daintiest pieces and chunkiest chains when they're not wearing them. It's painted with a floral design, so it'll look great on its own as decor in their home, too.

    the painted hand with rings and bracelets on it

    8. A lil' aerating spout that'll enhance the taste of their vino while they pour it into a glass. Reviewers say it's the perfect size to bring on trips and love that it comes with a sediment filter to remove excess particles.

    The wine decanter on it's stand next to a glass of wine

    9. Or a stainless steel bartending set that any aspiring mixologist will want to get their hands on. It comes with everything they'll need to make martinis to cosmos and reviewers love that it doesn't take up a lot of space on their counters or bar carts.

    a person using a measuring cup to make a cocktail

    10. A set of hand creams to keep dry winter skin at bay. It has six different scented creams they can keep in their bag, on their desk, beside their bed, or in their car, so they'll never be far from a tube when their paws are feeling a lil' thirsty.

    the box of hand creams in front of a plain background

    11. A mushroom-shaped projector lamp that'll turn their room into a dreamy escape at bedtime. It'll splash celestial shapes across their walls and ceiling to give 'em a light show to watch while they relax (and eventually lull them into a deep slumber).

    the mushroom lamp on a table lit up with stars on the wall

    12. A jar of peppermint Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because cold weather = chapped lips (ugh!). Applying this festive flavoured balm to their pout before bed will keep their kisser moisturized and flake-free through the driest time of the year.

    a person applying the lip mask to their lips

    13. A scratch-off poster that’ll help them decide on their next bedtime read (instead of browsing the TikTok FYP until the wee hours of the morn). It’s a must-have for any lover of classic literature, and once they’ve made their way through all 100 volumes, they can keep it on display to show off how well-read they are.

    the poster in a frame leaning against a wall on a table next to a plant in a vase

    14. And a rechargeable reading lamp so they can read their novel without straining their eyes (or disturb whoever they share a bed with). It has three brightness settings and will illuminate their pages from any position.

    Bianca holding a book up with the light attached to the top as it illuminates the pages

    15. A glass carafe set for the person you know who is always thirsty. They can keep it beside their bed and pour a glass whenever they're feeling particularly parched, plus it'll look way cuter on their bedside table than their water bottle.

    the glass carafe set on a plain background

    16. An Unsolved Case Files game that'll be right up their alley if they're obsessed with everything true crime. They can read through all of the documents to piece together the series of (fictional) events to solve the case.

    The files from the game fanned out on a wooden floor

    17. A set of Sephora Collection mini skincare products that'll cleanse, tone, and moisturize their visage. Thanks to the included cosmetic bag, they'll actually be able to keep up with their skincare routine when they're on the go (or during any upcoming holiday travels).

    18. A petite portable speaker because sometimes top volume on a phone just isn't enough. It's small enough to fit in their pocket, so they can take it just about anywhere they want to listen to their favourite jams or podcasts.

    a person holding the speaker in the palm of their hand

    19. A Friends jigsaw puzzle for puzzle enthusiasts who are equally obsessed with the '90s sitcom. The 1000-piece puzzle features a collage of photos of the whole gang from fan-fave episodes of the show.

    the completed puzzle next to the box on a hardwood floor

    20. A Great British Baking Show game that'll give any loyal Bake Off viewer a taste of what it's like to compete in the iconic tent. They'll race against the clock (just like the show) to complete a dessert that matches the reference recipes, while avoiding the dreaded "soggy" cards that'll ruin their bake.

    the game cards on a wooden table next to eggs and a rolling pin

    21. Or a giant game of Sorry! for anyone who loves a game tournament, but can't bear another round of cornhole or a card game. Since the pieces are so big, they won't have to worry about them going missing.

    a family playing with the giant game on their deck

    22. A Mandelorian mug and warmer set that'll maintain the temp of their morning java (ideal for slow sippers). The mug features an image of the famous Baby Yoda that'll keep any Star Wars fan inspired throughout the work day.

    the mug on the warmer in front of a plain background

    23. A selenite crystal lamp that'll add a little bit of ambient lighting to their desk or living space. It comes with a dimmer switch, so they can set it it to their ideal level of ✨bright✨.

    the lamp on a table in front of a tapestry

    24. And finally, a slim portable phone charger that'll keep their devices fully powered up while they're on the go. It has enough juice to charge their gadgets several times over, so they won’t have to constantly plug it in to ensure they have a battery backup.

    a person holding the portable charger against a plain background

    Them opening their gift like:

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